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Dive conditions in Cozumel, Mexico: just excellent! Day 2

Posted by on November 16, 2011

In continuation from the last post, Cozumel has excellent conditions for traveling and scuba diving. The island itself is considered to be very safe compared to a lot of places in the world. I have never felt like I was threatened in any way and the people are overly happy and more than willing to help you if you have any issues. Even the wildlife is willing to accommodate your eye candy looking desires as long as you don’t do anything drastic with them.

Cozumel, Mexico scuba diving - starfish, buceo, bucear, estrella del mar

Some kind of star fish or whatever it was.

Cozumel, Mexico scuba diving - weird eel, anguila en el mar

Some kind of weird eel in the water

Cozumel, Mexico scuba diving - Ray or flatfish, raya, pez

I think it's a ray or a skate but it could have been a flat fish of some kind. Didn't spook it at all.

The weather is generally sunny with temperature averaging in the 70-80s (unless it’s hurricane season which is sometime in August-November) and the water temperature is around in the 70s (in Fahrenheit/it would be around 21 degrees Celsius). This means that you can wear a 3mm wet suit and not freeze like in some places of the world where I’ve gone diving!

Cozumel, Mexico scuba diving - Reef shark sleeping under a rock, tiburon bajo de una roca, buceo

Even the reef sharks agree that the water is great to be in for sleeping during the day.

Cozumel, Mexico scuba diving - tons of fish, muchos peces

The warm waters make this place a good spot for tons of fish to make it its home

Cozumel, Mexico scuba diving - Shrimp, caramon/gamba del mar

This is a Candy Shrimp that was hiding out

Tropical conditions make for very pleasant dives. During this day, I went on a dive that was in under 30 feet of water (10 meters) and stayed for almost 70 minutes underwater. That was the longest dive I’ve ever done and very easy-going because there was a nice little drift so I didn’t have to use my legs and I could breathe normally.

Cozumel, Mexico scuba diving - heading towards the dive boat

In shallow water diving, it was great since anyone could basically see the dive boat.

Even during one of the dives which was on a ship wreck, it was simply amazing. I could see the progress nature (like anywhere else in the world) has taken its place on making the boat like a coral reef allowing all sorts of creatures and plants to make it their new home.

Cozumel, Mexico scuba diving - amazing school of fish in a wreck, escuela de pez/peces en el barco en el agua

There was this school of fish moving like a well-herded group of sheep moving in and out together.

Cozumel, Mexico scuba diving - fish bobbing in a wreck as their home, peces en un barco

Tons of different fish swimming around in this ship wreck

Cozumel, Mexico scuba diving - coral and plants on the wreck, plantas en el barco

Nature slowly starting to take over and produce a home for sea critters and plants.

I would recommend bringing in your own diving gear just because you’ll feel more comfortable with it as in any diving vacation but that’s up to you. And, oh, yes, bring some money to tip the divemaster and to buy food and other things such as souvenirs.

Cozumel, Mexico scuba diving - Fish in ground, buceo, mar, pez en el terreno/arena

Don't take this little guy home - it was some weird, little fish with its head popped out of the ground.

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