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Where is Cozumel? Is the diving better during the day or night? Day 5

Posted by on November 19, 2011

If you didn’t read the initial post of where Cozumel is – head here which has a map of where Cozumel is in Mexico. It’s basically an island off the Yucatan Peninsula and closely located to the popular Mexican resort town of Cancun. It also happens to be a pretty popular destination not just for fishermen, scuba divers, adventurists, but also for cruise liners. Cruises do what people would call, excursions, that allow passengers to get off and see what the new locations can offer in terms of entertainment which primarily involves eating, drinking, shopping, sleeping on the beach, and doing touristy adventures like ride horses, ATVs, do a day tour, etc.

I don’t think I’ll be one of the cruise liner passengers in the near future but if given the right opportunity and time, I would try it at least once just to get the experience of what it feels like to be on a big boat. Perhaps in time, but Cozumel for me means scuba diving more than anything. The first dive was again in the morning and already I facing off with a Barracuda right in the beginning.

Cozumel, Mexico scuba diving - Barracuda at the surface of the water

This Barracuda started to follow me deeper in the water.

Cozumel, Mexico scuba diving - Barracuda, pez, buceo

This Barracuda kept following me for odd reason.

Cozumel, Mexico scuba diving - Barracuda looking for something, buceo/bucear

I have no doubt this Barracuda was looking for food that I could "hand-feed" it

I don’t know why this particular Barracuda was following me around but I’ve stories how certain fish, particularly the big predator ones, will trail scuba divers for awhile. I suppose I was no different from this fish. All the other fish didn’t really care if I was there or not.

Cozumel, Mexico scuba diving - Coral Crab, cangrejo

Did this coral crab care about me? No.

Cozumel, Mexico scuba diving - Parrotfish, pez, buceo, bucear

This was one of the biggest Parrotfish I had ever seen and it didn't care if I was around... well, maybe. It fled the scene pretty quickly.

On this day was a special one because the boat was offering a special nigh dive meaning going scuba diving during the night! I’ve had friends ask me if day time was better or night time was better. The answer is basically it really depends because different creatures only come out alive and moving during certain times of the day or night.

There obviously will be ones that come out both day and night…

Cozumel, Mexico scuba diving - Night dive - Moray Eel, anguila en la noche

Here's a Moray Eel at night...

Cozumel, Mexico scuba diving - purple coral with something in it

Another one of those weird creatures in purple coral

And then there are those that appear primarily at night.

Cozumel, Mexico scuba diving - Night dive - Squid, calamar buceo bucear noche agua

Here was a squid swimming around at night - don't get too close because I got inked several times while night diving. Good thing I got goggles on.

Cozumel, Mexico scuba diving - Night dive - Sea slug, babosa larga, buceo agua mar

There was this huge, long, weird sea slug in the water at night. Didn't know what it was.

Cozumel, Mexico scuba diving - Night dive - Octopus, pulpo noche mar agua buceo bucear

And of course, the octopus come out at night. What's cool about these guys is that they change color.

Day and night dives are completely different environments due to the differences in activity from the sea creatures and maybe even the plants and coral reefs. It’s best to try both as long as the diver is comfortable with them and hopefully, with a guide/divemaster. You don’t want to get lost while scuba diving – that would suck!

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