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Cozumel, Mexico dive trip review

Posted by on November 21, 2011

There’s always good things to see underwater in Mexico thanks to the warm, clear blue waters and the wildlife that live in them. From a variety of different fishes to sea turtles to eels – there’s always plenty to see while scuba diving in Cozumel.

Cozumel, Mexico scuba diving, angel fish pez

Picture of an angel fish in the waters.

I also have to state that the cost of diving in Cozumel is cheap compared to other locations such as the Cayman Islands, Belize, Turks and Caicos, etc. I think it has to do with the fact that the mainland is very close to Cozumel so shipping costs are lower meaning overall costs are lower such as food, water, hotel costs, etc. Even the flights in and out are also cheaper as well. This all results in an overall cheaper package to where I might be able to stay in Mexico 3 times longer than a trip to one of the more exquisite islands where everything has to be imported.

Cozumel, Mexico scuba diving, scuba diver

The only thing I want to import is myself in the water.

Even if someone does go to another part of the Caribbean, I think it’s pretty much the same with the exception of a few spots. The government of Mexico is pretty understanding what makes tourists want to flock to the island of Cozumel so it installs protective measures to keep the wildlife and coral reef safe and sound.

Cozumel, Mexico scuba diving, sea turtle, tortuga del mar, buceo

Real up-close photo of a sea turtle using my underwater camera's zoom-in function.

Overall, this trip was well worth it. I would still check for hurricane season as that can cause some problems on land or even in the water. It definitely pays off to do your homework. Also, beware during the price hikes during certain parts of the season such as winter break (Christmas – New Years Day), Easter, etc. Tour companies know when people have vacations especially with families so they plan ahead knowing that high prices will result in bigger profits.

Another thing to note is that buying tequila would be a good idea to purchase as prices for this Mexican alcohol are cheaper in Mexico than in the US or even elsewhere. Get it while it’s good.

Cozumel, Mexico scuba diving, hermit crab

Hermit crab walking around with its big shell.

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