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Better off fishing than shopping

Posted by on November 26, 2011

As previously stated on an earlier post – I’d rather go fishing than shopping. Well, I was going to go yesterday but instead, went today due to better weather conditions. And of course, I went on my favorite ocean-faring charter boat, the Queen of Hearts. Another early morning wake-up and drive over to Half Moon Bay in order to go ocean water fishing for rock fish, lingcod, and whatever to catch if it’s there.

pigeon point pescadero lighthouse, faro en pacífico

It was a long ride out to Pigeon Point Lighthouse

Things were slow in the beginning as I got hung up on the bottom several times and caught only 2 fish in 2 hours. But once the sun started to shine brightly, I think the fish started to awaken and be ready to get caught.

Queen of Hearts fishing POV, pescar, miradero, punto de vista de pescadero

First person perspective of what it looks like from a fisherman's eyes on the Queen of Hearts.

There are other factors coming into play when fishing such as weather, water conditions, habitat, and fisherman’s skill. That last one is a big one and I’ve seen many “rookies” come out to the boat not knowing what to do which is what makes the captain and the deckhand go bonkers. If you don’t know what you’re doing – ASK! Because otherwise you’ll continue to make mistakes that will only lead to frustration. Hence why experience matters especially when dealing with fishing because the very best will catch the most fish since luck (and this includes beginner’s luck!) can only go so far.

Queen of Hearts fishing POV photo, using the rod and reel properly

You gotta learn to use your rod and reel properly in order to catch fish. Don't mistake the bottom of the ocean for a big fish.

But of course, in the end I limited out my catch (10 rockfish daily limit). It’s not hard to do but at times it might take awhile even with skill and experience. I can’t always rely on luck to get the big fish that I want such as in the past.

pile of rockfish ready for filleting, un grupo de peces para cortar en filetes

My catch of the day readied to be processed into fillets. No big ones but still better than nothing.

Pelicans by the fishing boat, alcatraz, pelícano próximo, cercano del barco

These Pelicans were looking for a handout aka easy meal from fishermen.

You can’t beat the after-fishing trip meal – a cup of clam chowder (Half Moon Bay’s finest!) and fried clams with french fries, coleslaw, tartar sauce, and cocktail sauce!

clam chowder bowl, sopa/canzuela/guiso de almejas

Bowl of clam chowder - one of the best!

almejas fritas con papas fritas y ensalada, fried clam strips with french fries and coleslaw

Fried clam strips with french fries and coleslaw

I did want to buy some Dungeness Crabs at the docks as it is now the season (as in the past) but unfortunately, there’s a strike going on amongst the commercial crab fishermen. They’re not happy about the price of crab so it’s causing disruption in the marketplace. Only sport fishermen can obtain Dungeness Crabs but for most people – it’s a waiting game. What a crabby way to start the crab season!