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Buy a scanner

Posted by on December 20, 2011

Man, after having a cluster of papers being all over the place, I finally gave in and bought myself a small, portable scanner. Man, this thing is great. Instead of looking for paperwork, I can just go into my computer files and find it. Keeps everything nice and simple and easy to find stuff.

I totally recommend people on buying a scanner and then labeling your files in year groups with dates and good titles on them so you know what you’re looking for. For example, I give titles such as 2005-06-01 – BS Degree. Because the computer automatically alphabetizes and puts the numbers in order, this makes files sorting easy. Plus, your brain will automatically associate supposedly when a certain event happened so it makes the dating part much easier to deal with.

Scanner… wow, what a way to make life easier. I’m not sure how those HR people do it (or hell, those medical folks) but paperwork and lots of it: suck!

scanning paperwork and documents

This thing is small but does the job. Works seamlessly with laptops too. Now I don't have to make more copies than I need to and save money in the process.

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