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Playing Ultimate Frisbee

Posted by on December 27, 2011

I was out playing ultimate frisbee with my friend who part of this group of people that wanted to go throw a frisbee around for fun, but before going out, I decided to take my video camera and put it on my chest to see how it all came out.

Well, the results were interesting enough, but I probably won’t do it again unless absolutely necessary. It looks like the camera would do better in a more stable situation rather than running and jumping around with it. There is not stability in keeping the camera straight and not bounce all the time.

I do have to admit that it was cool to have it on and have others gawk at it but hey, I played well during the game itself so it was all good.

Ultimate Frisbee on a grass field

My friend threw the Frisbee in such a weird way that I had to dive to catch this one.

For those who don’t know what ultimate frisbee is – it’s a game similar to American football/soccer – you score points for throwing the frisbee in the hands of your team in the end zone. Of course, you can throw to your teammates which is where the teamwork aspect comes into play meaning short passes work very well, but it’s the way the frisbee wobbles in the air that can make the game more interesting.

Chasing down a frisbee

Chasing down a frisbee to score a point.

Frisbee in the air

Frisbee in the air

It’s more of a college past time than anything else but still fun to play.

Throwing motion

There are different ways to throw the frisbee but I just throw it regular style.

Of course, everyone gets laugh for falling flat on your face!

Falling down POV

And sometimes you’ll get the face-smack with the ground chasing a frisbee down.

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