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Importance of vitamins and supplements

Posted by on December 28, 2011
Vitamins and supplements, pildoras de vitaminas y complemento

Gotta take 'em daily since most diets are horribly deficient...

In addition to hunting, fishing, working out, and eating properly, I take vitamins and supplements. I can’t tell you how much “crap” is in the American diet so it only makes sense to take some pills to make sure that I get the right amount of vitamins and minerals in me. I couldn’t imagine if I decided to go on the Super Size Me meal plan of eating McDonald’s for 30 days straight and nothing else. That’s something I would not want to do especially after watching that movie and seeing the results of the guy becoming obese and laggard in life.

Even on my travels, I won’t eat that much fast food if I can avoid it. Hell, even after workouts, I won’t attempt to gouge myself into over-salted hamburgers, fried food like french fries and fried chicken, chocolate cake, etc. No way!

However, on my traveling adventures, I will take my vitamin and supplement pills with me. I don’t see any reason not to. Even the traveling is a vacation I don’t see any reason not to live completely different from being at home. I definitely don’t want to become a fat, disgusting slob of a person! I still got plenty of scuba diving, hunting, fishing, and traveling to do and the best way to do all of them is in my peak condition. The pills of vitamins and supplements can help me get there.

And here’s one tip that I’ve found out: by being in good condition, the girls like that too.