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Some punk kid thinking he can rob me…

Posted by on January 7, 2012

Yeah, I was walking down the streets of Lima after dinner and I realized that someone was following me from a distance. I didn’t exactly turn my head towards him but I sensed an alert of some sort that this kid was looking for the right time and location to jump me. I don’t know what made me a good target but I played along.

After walking a bit, he closed the gap between us even though we were out in the middle of public and then something happened. He stopped and let the distance get greater between us. I finally turned my head to the guy and I saw this slightly puzzled look on his face. He was focused on my arm. After walking away and out of his eyesight, I grabbed both my arms and looked at them. I didn’t see anything unusual – no blood, no marks, nothing.

It wasn’t until I passed by a big window that reflected myself on it that I realized what that kid was staring at. My vein popping out of my arm; he probably thought that I was a bodybuilder of some kind and that I could whoop him. In other words, the reward was NOT worth the risk to a thief.

Vein popping in arm, hebra, veta, criadero, vena, filón en el brazo

Ever heard of the saying, "Looks can kill?" Well, it's substance that will kill but looks can help in an effort to camoflauge as well. This vein-popper saved me from fighting off a possible robbery.

I have to say that working out does in fact help greatly. Had I did get jumped, I have to say that I was going in a fight. The same goes for a robbery – I would have ran to catch him and beat the crap out of him.

But the good thing was – he walked off. He knew that it wasn’t worth it after seeing that vein popping out. It was the mark of well-trained, well-maintained person and even if I didn’t know how to fight well, I would have at least caused some problems for him. That’s why by looking my best, that’s the first impression people will get out of me.

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