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Marbork Castle / El Castillo de Marbork

Posted by on August 26, 2016

castillo Marbork polonia Poland brick ladrillo, bloque, enladrillar bricked red rojoOne of the biggest, or maybe, the biggest brick castle in the world is the Marbork Castle, is in one of the most unusual places in the world to be in: Poland! Yes, Poland, a country in Central Europe that is famously sandwiched between Germany and Russia. It’s an area that has been fought countless times that even goes all the way back to the Roman days when the Roman Emperors have dreamed of having its borders stretch to the Vistula River. Even the Huns, Tetonic Knights, Mongols, Russians, Austrians, Ukrainians, and Germans have fought over this territory as well. But, that didn’t happen and eventually the Teutonic Knights rose and took over, eventually building this amazing castle, made mostly of bricks. It kind of reminded me of the huge structures and items that were made of Lego Bricks that I’ve seen in Legoland. Too bad the castle wasn’t built entirely of Legos because that would be a great Lego-ish sight to see.

En Europa, hay muchos castillos con la historias profundidas de caballeros, reyes, reinas, luchas, guerrera, esfuerzo, sufrimiento…. era una época muy diferente y difícil. ¡No había agua corriente para descargar el baño! ¡La gente tenía que limpiarlo con sus manos y herramientas! No había tecnología como nosotros y por eso es por qué es asombroso que la gente haya construido un castillo muy grande con ladrillos. Ahora es el más grande castillo de ladrillos en el mundo. También es el más grande edificio de ladrillos en Europa.

Marbork Polish Castles Europe Teutonic Knights cabelleros polaco pollocks

You have to be inside of it to see how really big it is! / El interior es muy grande. Más que me parece.

While initially it was cold weather when I arrived there, the place warmed up when summer decided to stop hibernating and that’s when I knew it was tourist-season as I could easily pick out the crowds of tourists stampeding everywhere they went. I have to admit, I’m not much of a castle person but this was huge and impressive. The best way to admire this castle is to think back in the olden days when it was built back in the 13th century. It was perfectly placed on the river to easily defend against raging hordes of enemies and at the same time, it should be utilized as a staging area to launch attacks from by using the river as a means of transport. Even better is to imagine the castle’s heyday with all the knights walking around in armor and swords… ready to make human groundmeat for someone dragon’s hamburgers at a local BBQ.

Polonia es desarrollado pero tiene un encanto de historia y ambiente. Para llegar en Marlbork, el castillo, era un buen coche en el campo. La gente es simpática y el país es pacífico. Y el Castillo Marlbork es un símbolo del pasado que existe hoy todavía para que represente la lucha que la gente soportaba. Imaginen las hordas de orges, dargones, feos, y guerreros…. todos querrían limpiar cada oro y plata de las paredes de este castillo de ladrillos. Bueno, probablemente no había monstruos pero la gente de esa área miraban otros enemigos o escuchaban de los como los romanos, mongoles, arabes, alemanes, etc.

starting la entrade incidio salida puerta castillo europa european polish pole

Welcome to the Gates of Hell-er, um, to Malbork Castle! / Dónde hay la entrada al interior de la mágica de magos y brujas y…. eh… no… el Castillo Malbork de Polonia.

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