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What to buy in Lithuania – Wine, Amber, and Basketball Jerseys

Posted by on June 20, 2018

So what to buy in Lithuania? Plenty of stuff, actually. Note that these people don’t really bargain so everything pretty much has a price tag to it. So don’t try to haggle or negotiate a lower price. That might work if you are buying over 1000 euros worth of stuff and it’s at an outside shack, not a fixed store.

Yes, they do produce wine there but not in large quantities. These wines are fairly easy to find and purchase in any Lithuanian wine store. They’re probably sweet-tasting but make good presents in my opinion as many people have never been to Lithuania or know where the country is! That’s why it’s all the more better to get some alcoholic product that people in general are not aware of. The farther the lands, the more valuable and novel it is.

Lithuanian wine du vin vino red chokeberry winery lithuania baltic alcohol gifts

These wines are actually sold in a brownish-tan box and sell in a variety of flavors. Don’t swallow it all in one gulp… try to enjoy it, if possible.

Amber is also a good item to buy in Lithuania as there are tons of amber stores in this country. Why is that? Well, it used to be part of the Amber Road where the path started in Tallin, Estonia and went all the way south to Rome meaning that amber products used to travel all the way down south to the Roman Empire thousands of years ago. And now today, amber products are sold all over the Baltic countries just like you can buy a coke anywhere in the world. So there are scores and scores of amber items to fulfill that amber hole in your heart!

amber necklaces keychains sobremomentos vivamomentos collares joyeria

They sell tons of these trinkets all over the country. You might find a bug such as a scorpion in your amber which was manufactured that way. Note that you mostly likely won’t find any dinosaur DNA. That’s just a movie thing.

And don’t forget to buy a Lithuanian basketball shirt/jersey! Several Lithuanian players have made it to the NBA. Lithuania is crazy about basketball for some reason. A local told me that every town that had about 5,000 people had its own team so there were several professional basketball leagues all across the country in the past but now, they’ve consolidated. This combined with the fact that there are a lot of tall people in this country, ensures that there will always be great basketball players being produced in Lithuania.

jersey basketball basquetbol lithuania men's team equipo de hombres caballeros cool skeleton shirt

Pretty neat looking jersey, huh? But why is there a skeleton on the jersey? Story time! In the past, the team was not doing so well financially that the Grateful Dead band came in and sponsored the team hence saving Lithuanian basketball. In honor of their creativity and generosity, the skeleton was added to the jersey.

Well, I got mine!

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