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What else to do in Lithuania? Go to Latvia!

Posted by on June 21, 2018

Since the country of Lithuania is fairly small compared to a lot of other bigger countries, Lithuania is in perfect location to drive hard and fast into Latvia. If you got a rental car, then you might as well as drive like you stole it! Just kidding.

Tip: There are a lot of speed cameras in both Lithuania and Latvia so you have to be careful. And there are no passenger trains that travel between countries. All the more to get a rental vehicle because a drive to Riga, the capital of Latvia, can be done in several hours from Lithuania so if you want to check off Latvia off that bucket list of countries, that’s one way to do it! Riga is my recommendation due to the fact that it’s the capital and biggest city in the country so there’s more to see. There is no passenger train between the 3 Baltic countries either so renting a car might be best unless you’re taking a bus or on a tour.

opera house architecture riga latvia baltic country building edificio blanco white building fuente fountain riga

A nice view of Riga’s opera house. You can always learn something new such as a foreign language there if you can understand anything at all.

latvia ejercito army military riga memorial tall soldiers troops

There was actually 2 Soldiers marching back and forth acting as if they were honor guards for the unknown soldier. There was actually a group of women who were walking right in front of the troops that another soldier came in to intervene by telling them to move. Didn’t those tourists ever hear of Ludacris’s song – Move bitch ?

edificio maravilloso riga latvia lettland pais land latvian capital red building bricks

There is a story behind this building but it’s too long to describe it here. There are lots of people in the plaza among the many shops and restaurants in Riga.

To me, Latvia was very similar to Lithuania in its own way because they are neighbors and both countries had to endure Soviet Union occupation/integration. Just look at this Soviet War Memorial to honor the victory over the Nazis in World War II. However, like a bad joke where no one laughs, no one in the country really cares about this site. If you look closely, it’s starting to fall apart and I think the locals prefer it to slowly crumble away like a bad cookie so they can say that they didn’t purposely tear it down but rather it was old age and time that took down the giant statue (or nuisance depending on your perspective).

soviets union soviet ruso rusos war guerrera estatua statue memorial

It looks nice from afar but looking at it closely, you can see that the people don’t care for that much. There’s a pond behind this memorial where people were fishing and not giving a damn about it.

So on the way back while in Lithuania, I was invited to fish in this small farming pond looking to catch carp. The only thing that I ever caught was tons of mosquitoes trying to play vampire on me. Oh well, it was worth a try despite having 0 hooked, 0 landed, and tons of mosquito bite marks all over me. This definitely ain’t like Mexico’s fishing.

fishing pesca en lithuania europa pond lake small water carp

I was going after carp but history tells me that these bastards are picky eaters no matter what. Should have brought some dynamite….