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London’s expanse of museums, castles, and other tourist traps

Posted by on June 22, 2018

So London is a huge city with lots of neighborhoods and things to do. Well, it’s more like place to go see if you ask me. I guess it’s worth doing one day’s worth of going to these places. I recommend doing it during September – May, it’s not the high-season. I heard it’s a just a chaos of a place during the summer. One of the reasons being that London has tons of hotels, restaurants, several airports, and lots of places/attractions to go see. For example, all national museums are free of admission which means that you are guaranteed to see more people than artifacts. I went to the British Museum and all I saw was wave after wave of people including little kids and baby strollers. I think I might have spent an hour or less AFTER waiting in line for about an hour. I can imagine during high season, the wait will be much longer.

Tip: I recommend going on a day tour of London that way you understand how the city is laid out, how the traffic system (if you’re not familiar with cars on the left hand side of the road) works, etc. That way, the next day, you are more knowledgeable about the city and can figure out what you want to see and do next.

Of course, everyone seems to have this love affair with the British Royals which I’m indifferent about.

castillo palacio queen king uk united kingdom england english monarch el rey la reina reine roi konig kongin great britain white building london

The first thing that I noticed was the bird on the lawn because it looked like a Speckle-belly Goose. Everyone else was salivating over the Palace where the Queen lives. Other monarchs have and will live there in the future as well.

Buckingham Palace and Victoria Memorial crowds of people olas de personas gente turistas

So the Victoria Memorial is in front of the Palace. You can also walk in nearby St. James’s park. There are several sites of interest around the Palace such as The Guards Museum, Churchill War Rooms, Westminster Abbey, Big Ben, etc.

el cambio de guarda change guards british soldiers protectors monarch queen king uk army military

If you stay there long enough, you can go watch the Changing of the Guard. Other people have told me that it was a big letdown. Just watch a recorded video of it if you really want to see it. Tip: Don’t climb the fence because these guys are real soldiers and will take down any intruder… or village idiot.

caballos horses cav cavalry prince king queen rangers princess soldiers horse troops

If you’re really into it, then you can go watch the Changing of the Guard Household Calvary. I thought it was okay… it was part of the day tour so I went. I was more amazed at the London police with one guy carrying around this modified MP5 or something similar but with .22 caliber bullets….

Another reason for the day tour is that tour guide will point out certain locations of interest that you might otherwise not know about.

cathedral dom kirsche egalise london londres white building edificio blanco weis

It costs money to get into the cathedral but if you have a tour guide, he/she will have the tickets for you. This is not a place to take pictures in. The internet can solve that problem for you. It’s more of an experience to walk inside.

Another big reason for the day tour is that the tour guide generally has skip the line tickets. This is helpful especially if you go during high season or on a weekend otherwise you just line after line of people. I’ve heard of stories of people waiting for almost the entire day just to get inside of a tourist attraction!

tower of london white tower torre blanca castillo londres london great britain

Can’t skip London without going into the tower of power. Again, the power of the tour guide enables getting tickets the easier and more efficient way rather than waiting in line all day.

white tower torre blanca blanco le torre blanc london tower of power history historico

Once you’re inside, you can see all sorts of stuff to your heart’s content. There are even some cos-play people in there. I think people called them professional actors…. I requested a few of them to repeat the following words, “Boy, you have more excuses than a pregnant nun!” All of them said it but their accent doesn’t make it as good as a Louisianan one. I think the British accents don’t make the words sound so well.

fuente puente londres london bridges big drawbridge

Nearby Tower Bridge is right across from the Tower of London. If you go onto the bridge and look west, you can see London Bridge which is where that certain song comes from…

A good idea is to go on the Eye of London to see how far the city expands. I’d look to see if your tour does take you there because if it does, the guide can get you tickets without waiting. The problem is that you’ll still have to wait to get on the ride itself which is about 30 minutes in total – it moves very slowly.

There’s a reason why I consider London, one of the capitals in the history of the world. The British Empire at one point was so large and across the globe, there was a reason why the saying, “The sun never sets on the British Empire.” was very true.

ojo de londres l'ceoil de london das auge des londones boat on barco Ship

On a boat ride to the Eye of London. Eye of London itself is not that exciting but it’s a good overview of London itself.

london at night londres a la noche la nuit lights luces luz big city

The city is much easier to see at night with all the lights if you ask me.

night lights london city

So while on the Eye of London, you can see Big Ben lit up. What’s all the stuff around it? Scaffolding – they are doing maintenance on it. For some reason, Starship’s song, “We Built This City” comes up.

Still London, would be fun to live in for a year and then cut it out of there! The crowds of people just get to me. Line after line, wave after wave. Then again, if I got the chance to live there, I’d want to live in the suburbs in order to get away from all the density of people. Probably better to visit there.

Tip: If you are flying into Heathrow Airport, get the Heathrow Express app on your smartphone to buy tickets ahead of time that way you don’t have to wait in line to buy tickets. By getting the app and tickets on your phone, you can waltz right onto the Heathrow Express train which takes you to Paddington Station which is in Central London. From there, you can travel on the tube (subway or metro) or take the bus or take a taxi to wherever you need to go to.

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