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Oyster Card tips (London)

Posted by on June 26, 2018

If you’re going to be in London, I highly recommend getting an Oyster Card. Because London is shaped like an oyster with its suburbs and highways surrounding it, it made sense to call it that. But the real pearl of it all is that you can use the Oyster Card for all your public transportation needs within London by using this card. All you need to do is tap the card to the scanner and the machine will automatically take money out of the card’s account. You can recharge money at any of the stations with cash or credit card. I believe they even have an app for the smartphone as well. So plenty of options!

Tip: Even if you’re going to be in London for a few days and you’re going to travel around, it’s worth getting one because otherwise you’ll spend too much time getting a one-way ticket every damn time looking like an idiot with a finger up your ass. Worst is if you go during a busy time in London (such as during rush hour or a football game) and it’s taking you longer to get a ticket than to travel there.

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This is what you need – costs a few pounds but definitely worth it based on cost and efficiency.

Note: There are some public transportation options which don’t take the Oyster Card which are the Heathrow Express (high speed train that goes from Heathrow Airport to Paddington station – close to central London) and trains that leave London proper. For the Heathrow Express, there is a smartphone app where you can buy round-trip tickets so you aren’t fooling around with the machines. And for the trains, it’s best that you go to the station and buy your ticket there.

Tip: Do not travel without a ticket otherwise you’re going to pay a fine. I saw one lady get busted by a transportation officer aboard the Heathrow Express – I didn’t see the outcome but I know she was going to have to pay. Being a tourist saying that it’s “your time” doesn’t cut it most of the time. Gonna slapped across the face with a fine – ain’t worth it to me because that’s just more time wasted.

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