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Going to a Football Game in London

Posted by on June 24, 2018

Unlike the sports games in the USA, the games in Europe are generally more passionate and in my opinion better to go to. Just look at London: there are 4-6 teams in the Premier League alone and even more in the lower leagues. If you look at the US and the most you’re going to get is 2 in the same city such as Los Angeles or New York City. London is a different animal and I recommend everyone to go at least once!

Tip: Go to the game early as the trains and subway get to be a bit crowded going to the game. By going to the game early, you can also buy one of England’s famous meat pies! Also, bring a warm/rain jacket because you just never know in England with its dreary, cloudy weather.

Crystal Palace stadium suburb Southern London the eagles premier league football soccer london futbol le foot das Fussball

Watching Crystal Palace taking on Manchester City in Selhurst Park. Another great reason to have an Oyster Card – take the metro to get there.

FC Arsenal gunners london northern premier league

Emirates Stadium, home of FC Arsenal, another popular venue where the Gunners aka Football Club Arsenal play in. They were taking on Stoke City and this was during the last season Arsene Wenger was managing the team.

I also recommend getting an Oyster Card if you go to a football game in London. The after-games can get really crowded at the metro stations and you can’t get onto the train without validating your ticket first. By having an Oyster Card (with money loaded), you can tap/scan your card and get past the turnstiles quickly while under the watchful eye of the police aka po-po. If you have to get a paper ticket, you might be delayed up to 30-60 minutes in the midst of huge crowds trying to do the same as you – leave. Not worth it.

Another good idea to do is to go to the team’s museum prior to the game so that you are familiar with the stadium. Often times, big teams have museum/stadium tours so you can understand which entrance you should use.

Deutschlands Fussball Spieler Oezil ozil germany midfielder MF gunners london

Mehmet Ozil, one of Germany’s best players, plays for FC Arsenal. Depending on the seat you are in, you can generally get some great seats that are up-close in seeing the world’s best football players play.

shaq swiss stoke city fc xherdan MF forward

If you can pick him, #22 of the white shirt, is Xherdan Shaqiri, who plays for the Swiss National Team and his regular day job team is Stoke City.

As for tickets….

You have to be a club member generally to buy tickets online. I don’t know why that is for the Premier League teams so it’s best that you try to buy your ticket well in advance otherwise you might have to pay a lot from a third party exchange company. Don’t forget that good teams playing other good teams always has a premium and that also includes all London derbies (a London team playing a London team such as Arsenal vs Chelsea, Tottenham vs West Ham, etc.). But remember, that games are subject to change. They usually lock the dates in about 1-2 months prior so keep tabs on it. The better a team is doing, particularly in other tournaments (FA cup, Carabao Cup, Champions League or Europa League, etc.), the more likely there will be changes to the schedule.

Tip: Games are subject to change so don’t get your hopes up of trying to go to a game only to find out that they changed the date and time of it. It’s difficult to plan anything but that’s the way it goes. This is due to all the other tournaments the team play in as well as maximizing TV audiences by changing around schedules.

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