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Winston Churchill War Rooms and afterwards – Fish and Chips

Posted by on June 26, 2018

In my opinion, this was one of the better sites to go see in London. Maybe it’s because I’ve been really interested in World War II history so I think it’s one of the more underrated locations. It still gets crowded at times so best to get advance tickets so you are not frying out in the sun OR freezing in the cold.

Entrance of war rooms la puerta entrada ausfahrt einfahrt conferencia guerra mundial world war ii british army officers generals staff war council secret secreto

It’s not exactly that glamorous of an entrance, but more low-key. Notice the line to the right – the people who failed to buy tickets online and now have to pay the “time” tax. Failure to plan = plan to fail. Meaning that they pay for it by sitting around. Winston Churchill would face-palm himself for seeing such tourist mistakes.

Tip: Buy your tickets online because otherwise you will stand, stand, and stand more in line waiting to go in. I got my tickets about 2 weeks out easily with many spaces open and I remember I only waited a few minutes before finally being allowed in. Once I came out after an hour there, I saw the same people still in line waiting to get in. You don’t to want to waste your entire time (or vacation) waiting in lines. Plan ahead! Unfortunately, spontaneity doesn’t work at times especially during high popular times (weekends, high season, etc.).

planning conferences main room war room

The famous conference room where Churchill would sit in conference with his leaders in planning out on how to defend Britain and eventually the invasion and recapture of Europe. Note: that is not a person but a mannequin in uniform.

underground bunker for war ww2 world war 2 ii

It wasn’t just a conference room but many rooms such as this commo room, offices, barracks, smaller offices, electronics room, etc. Note: more mannequins.

In addition to showing the conference rooms, it is also a small museum dedicated to Winston Churchill with some interesting relics and a story to tell about the man.

pintura de churchill ministero primo lider de inglaterra world war 2 ii ww2 wwii fighting rooms war guerreros

Too bad, they didn’t paint his famous long cigars in this painting.

nobel peace prize silver book medal regalo nobel de paz literatura

Didja know that Churchill won a Nobel Peace Prize in Literature? They should have given him one just inventing the Churchill Cigars!

Churchill US Passport honorary honorado

Did you know that Winston Churchill was American? His passport says United States of America….

So what else to do after eye-gouging yourself on London’s sights and attractions? Well, don’t forget the other sense – taste. The UK is famous for its fish and chips.

coctel de camarones gambas los mariscos seafoods shrimpies cocktail british uk england english restaurant food grub

A starter to warm the stomach engines. This was an interesting version of a shrimp cocktail.

fried food fish halibut seafood brit food warm hot

Halibut fish and chips along with some pea sauce. A girl once remarked, “Why is everything that bad for you, have to taste so damn good?”