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What else can you do in the UK? Fly-fishing!

Posted by on June 23, 2018

Yes, you read that right. Fishing in the UK is very much possible!

And yes, I walked around the grand city of London and took the bus and the tube (subway) to get to places in order to go to the castles, palaces, museums, and other places. So far, I really enjoyed the fishing in England. Maybe it had to do with the fact that my fishing guide was awesome, we caught a lot of fish (we landed more fish in the first hour than most people the entire day), the fish meat was great dinner later on, and overall had a great time. It’s just that when you go to London, to the museums and other tourist spots, it’s just wave after wave of humans. I remember going to the British Museum and I got seasickness from seeing more humans than artifacts. Wave after wave of humans… bleech.

All the more to go fishing in the UK! And catch fish and a lot of it! Thank the fishing gods that my guide really knew his stuff that the first few hours we were hooking and landing rainbow fish 2-6 pounds left and right. I remember both my guide and I had a fish on a few times that he would net both fish at the same time! We were hooking and landing so many that we were like a rock band out on the water to where other people were trying to investigate the source of the noise operations (us). I remember 2 other guys who were also fishing on the lake came up to us on a boat and asked my guide for help. He gave it to them but then I asked, “Do you think they understood what you said?” “Nope. Haha. I don’t think they’re going to catch a lot.” They didn’t. Later, one of the marina guys said some guys came in saying that the fishing turned on in the afternoon catching a grand total of 5 fish for the day. Nothing close to our numbers!

boats for fishing sandy england uk united kingdom grafham reservoir fly pesca con la mosca

Ahhhhh the start of the day of fishing. A marina full of boats ready for fishermen to start hookin’ and reelin’.

relaxing on the boat relajarse en el barco chillax lake boating

At first, I wasn’t sure about how the fishing would be – good or bad or so-so. But I would soon find out that it was going to get hot and heavy with bite after bite after bite…

rainbow trout cloudy lake day of fishing bending rods fishing

Got a fish on! In the first few minutes, my guide and I were already hooking fish – all rainbow trout. Rod bending action!

la red de pesca para atrapar la trucha pez netting a rainbow trout fish fishy

My guide netting the trout for me as I fought it to bring it on board.

unhooking a hook fly out of fish's mouth tirar el anuelo de la boca de pez

My guide is also a fish dentist. Pulling the fly hook out. No damage or pain done. All done within seconds.

picture time with fish

Quick pic for a pose…..

liberar la trucha a agua release fish catch

… and then putting the fish back in the water.

splash escaping fish catch release uk waters lake agua lago

Sometimes the fish take off in an instant by giving you the “finger” and back into the depths of safety.

In total, we hooked possibly 70-80 fish and landed about 30+ of them. All of them rainbow trout and one brown trout.

bigger trout wild hatchery

Here’s another rainbow trout but a little bigger.

another fish onboard

Got another one!

double hit hookup of fish biting hot bite

There were times where my guide, Tom, and I both had a hookup at the same time so he would be landing fish too! That tells you how good the fishing was on that day! By the way, Tom is a competition fisherman so he competes in tournaments which should tell you the quality and capability of his fishing ability. But you still need to know how to fly-fish.

Forget watching people in London. Go fishing and be outdoors. Also depending on the season, you can also take some of the fish home for consumption. The rule in the UK is that you can keep non-native fish meaning rainbows are okay to keep. However, Brown Trout, Zander, European Perch, Pike, and some other fish species have to go back in the waters.

The seasons do matter on the type of fish species you might catch. When I went, it was during spring time which was great for rainbow trout but not so great for Zander or Pike. I’ve been told that summer can be difficult depending on the weather so take note of that.

On this day, I caught more trout than I have in my past fly-fishing. Of course, I’ve caught bigger fish on a fly and I’ve caught bigger fish in the past but this experience like I said is different when it’s on a boat while using a sinking line.

Link if you’re interested in going fishing with my guide, Tom: Big-water fly fishing.

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