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Stonehenge: Overrated. Bath, England: Underrated

Posted by on June 25, 2018

You can do both locations in the same day from London as they are pretty close to each other but the first site is an obvious attraction or tourist trap depending on how you look at it… all for a pile of rocks. It kind of looks like a bowl… where people can get high by smoking weed there, but then again, marijuana is a SE Asia plant so there was no such things as very long-distance trade routes back then.

mystery tourist trap england uk rocas staged gate puerta tur la porte inglaterra english british

In reality, it’s just a pile of rocks… haha.

No doubt, this place is a tourist trap but what the hey, might as well go and see a bunch of old, famous rocks, right?

Tip: Best to go on a tour to go to this place so the van or bus can take ya there. The reason being is that there are speed cameras all over England so if you go over the speed limit – ticket. Won’t matter if it’s a rental because the rental company will just pass its costs to you. The costs can be quite high but more importantly is that they can also assess points to you even if you live in another province, state, or country.

hormigas rocas stonehenge english brit uk united kingdom tourist trap attraction atracion

From a distance, it looks like rocks on surrounding some big rocks…

no ants no people stonehenge low season tourist turistica tourista

When it’s cold and windy, the ants go away.

You won’t spend that much time here and best to come here when it’s cold and during low-season. There aren’t that many people that want to come out when it’s windy and chilly so you will get a better picture of yourself posing with some rocks.

solo selfie stonehenge

Proof that I was there. During low-season, you can definitely get a picture all by yourself and no ants in the background.

It’s not that exciting if you ask me. I wanted to come here because I used to play the computer game, Warcraft II, bac when I was a kid. I think the game designers used Stonehenge as its model, of the Portal from which the hordish Orcs used to come from in order to cross into Azeroth, home of the Humans, Elves, Trolls, Goblins, Dragons, etc.

That’s why Stonehenge is overrated but there is another place, far more underrated – Bath. This is a city in England that has an interesting history because it used to be a thermal spa location for the Romans, later the Anglo-Saxons, and the British nobility/rich class looking to get healed with the natural spring water. And now it’s modernized city combining its history and future together.

sunny cloudy England town city tourist cold weather

It’s a nice sunny, cloudy day in Bath, England.

The city’s main attraction is the Bath museum and cathedral. Best to go into the museum because it’s not a typical museum.

cathedral dom catedral Bath ingles inglesa anglais anglaise eglise kirche platz plaza main square

Where you go to in Bath to start the adventure of drinking mineral water.

algae pool roman romans romanos old mineral wasser l'eau eau agua pibo

This is what you first see when you walk in. And no the water is not full of algae.

reflection exclaibur knights romans ancients water anglo saxons tourists architecture

When you walk downstairs, the green water is more than it seems as there is a reflection in the water.

pool water reflection pretty bonito espejo agua edificio inglaterra england traveler

Here’s a close-up of the reflection so you can see that it more than meets the eye!

If you go in, you can actually drink the water from a faucet that feeds directly from the spring. It smells like rotten eggs and it’s not that great tasting, but supposedly, it has healing properties due to the high mineral content.

don't sip just swallow gulp mineral water

Don’t pick up a cup in order to get some water to drink. They have a special faucet there that you can gulp down like an alcoholic drink.

Once you are done with this place, the city of Bath has some nice walking streets where you can find a good restaurant to sit your aching feet and eat some good food such as me having a fish stew with sweet potato fries – that was a first.

Note that Bath can get really crowded during the nights and weekends so you want to check into a bar/restaurant early in order to forklift that food into the stomach area.

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