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How about going up north to Scotland for more fishing?

Posted by on June 30, 2018

So, there are more fishing possibilities in the UK! But you have to go up further north to Scotland! There is great fishing up there with different fishing species waiting to get hooked, fought, and caught. I went to Glasgow where I rented a car to drive even further north and west in order to cross off Atlantic Salmon off my bucket list.

Tip: If you are going to drive in the UK or any other country that drives on the left (along with manual-shifting with your left hand), ask for an automatic. I can drive a manual but it’s so unwieldy for me that I just couldn’t do it. I have to shift gears with my right hand. By not having to worry about driving a manual, I can concentrate driving on the other side of the road as well because there were times I’d get confused on what side I was supposed to drive on. I also like to harass them that they drive on the wrong side of the car and side of the road.

Tip: The roads in Scotland are not like the ones in the US and Canada where are wide lanes. Be careful at certain points because there are points in the roads where you have to slow down because of a bend where only one lane traffic can drive through.

So when I got to Scotland, I was excited about the opportunity of catching some fish there after speaking with the guide who said that he saw some salmon migrating up the river in order to spawn. I also had to change my fishing style as I was so used to fishing with a spinning rod or a regular fly rod. In Scotland, one requires to fish with a massive double spey rod! After casting over and over, I started to get the motion down. There was only one problem, the river and the fish had other ideas about me hooking and landing a salmon in Scotland.

I got a few nibbles but absolutely no hook-ups or landing of any fish. I knew that it was going to be a hard day due to the sun with no cloud cover, but the salmon just didn’t want to cooperate. Whatever few salmon that were in the river, they just kept giving me the finger and went upstream.

Tip: There are some rules that you have to know about fishing which is why I recommend hiring a local guide because some of the stuff that worked in other places like I’ve been fly-fishing in (New York, England, California) don’t work in Scotland. They also certain rules about fishing – where you have to catch/release, when you can fish, etc. You have to adjust for the changes in the fishing techniques such as what I did when I learn in how to set the hook with piranha in Peru.

scotland uk fishing pesca Schotlland escosia pescando great britain scottish waters fishes fish

Ahhhh… time to cross a fish off this bucket list. The only problem was the excess sun…. and no fish willing to cooperate…

lazy dog perezoso perro fishing guide scottish bengie mutt on grass en hierba

Even the guide’s dog knew what was up – it’s going to be a long blue day. He was going to sleep the day off as I got zero bites/hook ups.

Oh well. That’s life. I guess the Fishing Gods forgot to tell me to go another day for salmon because they forgot to call up the fish to say that I’m showing up….

The good thing was that I going to go fish the next day as well. No fly-fishing this time around but it called for a day out on the ocean where I’d try my luck for other fish such as cod, haddock, halibut, salmon (if they bite out there), rockfish, etc.

dog on boat perro en barco barca pesca pez peces sunny day

Time to set sail out on a small boat to try my luck again tossing that fish-dice. Again, the dog is being lazy knowing that it will be a hard day of fishing….

And again, it was a tough day out there. The sun doesn’t help out there for fishing especially in northern climate countries where it’s more common for cloudy days. The fish just don’t like that excess light and aren’t used to it like tropical fish are in Mexico.

However, I believe that the fishing gods made some phone calls to the fish out there in the ocean and told them that I had to hook up some fish, regardless of the situation that the fish were in. So later in the afternoon of the second day, we finally got some fishing action! Now granted, it wasn’t as big as the one I caught in Spain, but still, it was at least a fish! A spiny dogfish!

hooked in water ocean sea loch scotland scottish shark tiburon

Finally hooked something! It was about time! I know that my guide was thrilled that I got to catch something out of Scottish waters and I wasn’t going home empty-handed in the pictures department.

dog watching excited happy to see fish shark scotland mutt benji

Even the dog finally piqued up and was excited to see a fish being pulled in.

pulling in hooked landed fish shark scotland guide fishing

Pulling in the shark. Finally a landed fish!

spectator dog watching me catch fish

I almost forgot about the dog. I think he was more excited than me bringing in the fish.

lick the fish shark dog scottish mutt sheep dog lapdog

Mission accomplished… finally. Er, I should say, the dog’s mission was accomplished – he wanted to lick a fish and finally did it!

scotland spiny dogfish shark catching fishing guided tour

Quick picture to pose with my catch before we release back into the waters. Spiny dogfish were originally used as the fish meat in “Fish and Chips.” They were almost wiped out because they were so good before the government put a ban on them so they could recover.

catch and release fish shark scotland uk united kingdom north sea irish sea loch

And back into the waters it goes. You can’t keep these as they must be released due to law.

And the fishing gods gave me another boost as well – another shark was caught.

dogfish in scotland scot scots men

At least, we got some action! 2 fish is better than 1!

sand shark small tiny wreck fishing scottish waters saltwater

At the end of the day, we were reeling in the rods and then I felt something weird on the line. As I pulled it up, I noticed that I had a fish on it! I turned out to be another fish – sandshark. Ugly, little thing if you ask me! A quick pic before it went back into the water.

The fishing in Scotland can be good or bad depending if the fish are there or not. I’ve heard great stories of people reeling in fish after fish but I happen to lose out on this Scottish lottery. Sometimes you win on the first try and sometimes you lose (or get some kind of consolation prize). That’s fishing and hunting for ya. But at least, I caught something, went to a place not many people go to, and had a great experience out of it.

boat captain dog

The doggeth ruleth this boat! He shall licketh all fish that cometh onto the boat!

Tip: When in Scotland, don’t be afraid to ask the locals to repeat what they said. I’ve had a hard time understanding what some of the Scottish were saying that I’d go cowboy on them and tell them to jokingly speak to me in “American.” Of course, they probably think I’m some stupid Yank but the thing is, I don’t watch baseball nor the New York Yankees. What’s funny is that they could understand me perfectly fine but I couldn’t understand them at times.


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