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FC Barcelona – the best football team with the best player in the world

Posted by on July 2, 2018

In light of the 2018 World Cup that is happening in Russia right now, I get flashbacks of the times when I attended FC Barcelona football games in Barcelona, Spain. Sure, Barcelona has some nice landmarks and attractions to see such as the Sagrada Familia, but I think more of the awesome football team that they have down there! Football is life for some!

huge cathedral dom gross big large barca barcelona spanish catalan spain espana espanol catalonia

This is one huge cathedral that you can even climb to the top of the towers and get a great view of the city.

Ceiling of Sagrada Familia techo inside grand grande big spanish church iglesia eglise

When you’re inside, you are amazed at the sheer size of the inside. What’s interesting is that they started construction over 100 years ago and still working on it with a completion date of sometime in the year of 2020-2026?

Yeah, Sagrada Familia is nice, but for me, Barcelona is always about the football there thanks to the world-class, world-famous FC Barcelona. FC stands for Football Club if you didn’t know, but now you know and knowing is half the battle…

FCB FC Barca Barcelona red blue catalan players jugueros futbol espanol futbolista famoso famosos hierba deportes

Why go to Barcelona without seeing the greatest team play?

During the 2016-17 season, the team had one of the greatest trio of forwards the game had ever seen: Lionel Messi, Luis Suarez, and Neymar. They won 2016 Supercopa and 2017 Copa del Rey…. I had the luxury of scoring a front row seat to watch these guys play not just once but several times! To watch them is like watching Jordan, Kobe, and Lebron being on the same team. Can’t complain about the high quality these guys provided during the games.

Messi Suarez Neymar MSN trident barca

I was watching very closely on the MSN trident of Messi, Suarez, and Neymar. They were doing some tricks before the game that I couldn’t believe. If you observe closely, they do some amazing things that other people don’t see.

I lived the dream of many football fans who have always wanted to see the world’s best at Camp Nou, home of FC Barcelona. Thanks to their 2017-18 season being a great one as well, they won 2 minor trophies along with 2 major trophies – La Liga and 2018 Copa del Rey. Any major trophy can make a season a successful one. And more than one means even more success.

warm up barcelona fc football club

You want to get to Camp Nou early as possible because then you can see the players warm up. You can see players like Pique, Jordi Alba, Rakitic, Sergio Roberto, etc. in this picture.

Barcelona supporters aficionados fanaticos banderas canciones canta cantar

The fans at FC Barcelona are always fired up. They wave their flags and sing the songs like anywhere in Europe.

Camp Nou has a lot of history behind it not just for all the amazing, historical football games of FC Barcelona but also outside of the team’s games such as Champions League, European Super Cup, World Cup, 1992 Summer Olympics, rugby games, concerts, and even the Pope came out to hold mass there. So it’s definitely an experience to watch the best football team with the best player in the world – Messi.

Leo Lionel Messi FCB Barcelona barca jugando futbol parado listo uniforme

If you don’t know the players that well, just take note of #10. Messi. The Argentine is regarded as one of the best players of all time and it’s a crime to go to Barcelona and not see him play. Actually, it’s a complete waste – it’s like going to a supermarket dead hungry with money in your pockets but you don’t even buy anything nor eat anything.

Messi leo up close cerca cercano a mi me meters mm cm feet yards away

I had a front row seat at Camp Nou and I was literally a few meters from one of the most famous men in the world of football! Obviously, he can’t hear me so why bother yelling his name out like a lot of people there.

How to buy tickets? – Here are some tips:

Other than getting them at the ticket box (which take too long or they sell out during popular games), the easiest way is to go to the FC Barcelona website and then pick the game and seat that you want to buy a ticket for. That way you know that you have your ticket and don’t have to worry about not getting in. Just note that if you are familiar with the European Football system is that many games are not set which means that the schedule can and will change due to all the tournaments that they play in. So the bigger the team and the better they do, the more likely the schedule will change. For example, I planned on going to one FC Barcelona vs Villarreal on a Saturday. However, due to their success in the La Copa del Rey tournament and eventual final trophy game (which Barcelona won), they moved the Villarreal game’s date to several weeks later.

Tip: Best is to buy the tickets online, print them, and bring them with you. You can usually enter the stadium up to 90 minutes prior to kickoff – try not to bring any bags but do bring a coat/rain jacket because you never know what the weather might bring. I recommend that you show up to the stadium early so you aren’t screwing around trying to find your seat. In addition, you can watch the players warm-up, take it easy, and enjoy the atmosphere. The worst is when you’re going to watch FC Barcelona play against a good team and you’ve already missed 10-20 minutes of game time because you were late.

free kick foul soccer football barcelona la liga messi neymar santos brazilian player argentine argentinian

Neymar and Messi talking to each other on what to do before taking the free kick. You never know what to do as the defense when you got 2 of the best looking through you and into the net.

Tip: Don’t bring in alcohol. The stadium guards will frisk you and will not allow any alcohol in – which means chug it or dump it. I’ve seen many people buy alcohol from some street vendor only to be told by the gate guards that alochol is not allowed. Note that they don’t sell booze at the stadium either in order to prevent crazy streakers going onto the field to show off their “goodies” to the rest of the world. It’s either that or they do something stupid like kiss one of the players. And for some reason at the stadium, if you buy a water bottle or a coke, they don’t give you the cap.

Messi dembele french argentine forwards attackers frontline barca la liga

Messi and Dembele on the attack… what’s hilarious was that there were no defenders around those guys. Kind of like letting your guard down to let the robbers steal a million dollars in plain sight but no security nor cameras nor barriers.

I remember I was sitting at one of the games next to a guy who had been a club member for 40+ years. He was telling me that it’s amazing how a lot has changed particularly how the team and fans now has a more international flavor. I asked him about that and he said that when he was a kid, FC Barca was more of a regional thing in Spain. He never imagined people from all over the world being fans of the club, coming to Barcelona, going to Barcelona games, speaking Spanish, and enjoying the experience. So when you see the words, “Mes que un club” it really does mean that it really is “more than a club.”

barcelona motto stadium camp nou seats blue red yellow FCB

The words “Mes que un club” mean more to the Catalans than to me as football was the only way to protest against the Franco Regime back in the day.

Tip: Learn Spanish as some of the locals have a hard time speaking in English and feel much more comfortable interacting in their own native tongue. I would have never gotten the conversation with the old man who sat next to me if I never learned Spanish at all.

Tip: I recommend staying within walking distance of Camp Nou because there are some major traffic jams before and after the game. I would stay close to Sants station which is a bus/train/subway/taxi station and away from all the ruckus of thousands of feet shuffling their way out. If you do have to take the metro, a good idea is to go get something to eat and drink first while the people en-masse their own way out. Usually an hour or two leads a major amount of people to disappear so things can go back to normal meaning you can go back to their original intended destination.

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