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FC Barcelona basketball game

Posted by on July 3, 2018

Yes, FC Barcelona is more than just the world-famous football game but also has a basketball team. It is famous for producing future NBA players such as Pau Gasol, Marc Gasol, Ricky Rubio, Juan Carlos Navarro, Joe Ingles, and many others who have made a stop there before heading over to the US. Sometimes, players who used to play in the NBA or in other leagues go to Barcelona as well. Sometimes they miss the European lifestyle/culture and others are looking to improve themselves to get another shot at making the NBA. Sometimes it’s all about that dream and trying and working every day to make it happen…  I applaud those dreamchasers.

So, I happen to look at my travel schedule and see that I’ve got a rare chance to go do some neat things while in Barcelona! I’ve been to NBA games before but going to a Spanish basketball game was awesome. Different atmosphere, different way of celebrating and enjoying basketball Spanish-style, Euro-style! Time to go check out where the Euro-step was invented!


fc barcelona lassa basketball game team equipo espanol basquetbol baloncesto estadio arena

It’s right next to the FC Barcelona museum and Camp Nou. At first, you don’t realize it but it’s an arena alright.

The best way to get tickets is through online where you can pick which seats you want. Note that the games do change schedule because of the various tournaments the teams play in. So take note of this. The tickets are a lot cheaper than the ones back in the US if you are going to a NBA game. But it’s a lot different experience in Europe where the stadiums/arenas are smaller and the crowds can really get into it. A lot of times I can hear what the players are saying as they were so close to me. “Oye! Pasame la pelota, tonto!

basketball court

I got to the game early so I could see what the action was all about. It’s not as popular as the football team but it was still great to go watch some basketball in Spain where a lot of NBA players made their start.

front row second row seats

I got front row tickets! Er, more like second row tickets but they were on the hardwood! These tickets were cheaper than what it would have cost for a NBA game. A lot cheaper! However, I didn’t get a cool lanyard where NBA-prime-time payers do… I guess I am too ugly for the Spanish people.

Court side seats

Here is the view from my seat! Somehow I got VIP access as well so some pretty lady escorted me to my seat and later told me that during half-time and after the game, I’m allowed to go to the VIP room where they serve all sorts of free food and drinks. I never asked for VIP treatment but got it regardless! —-side note: I don’t know what this kid was staring at me for… “El gato se ha descubierto el pastel? O tengo algo en mi cara?”

Former NBA players as well as aspiring dreamcatchers also play in Europe so it’s possible that you can see one or a possible rising star. There was one former NBAer but was injured: Kevin Seraphim. And the other team had a few former NBA players but I can’t remember who.

Scoreboard electronico scores points puntos puntas basquet lassa la liga espana spanish league

The stadium/arena is pretty brand new (built in 2011) so everything looks so nice and clean. Too bad it’s lacking talent in the serious history department unlike next door Camp Nou.

basquetbol guard leader capitan fcb euro league la liga basquet

I saw Juan Carlos Navarro, a former NBA player who used to play for the Memphis Grizzlies. I heard that he didn’t like the NBA playing style so he wanted to go back home to Spain and play. I can see why since the Euro teams play 12 deep while the NBA game is more individual with just 6-7 main players.

Even if you don’t get court-side seats, it’s still great to go watch because arena isn’t as big as the ones in the US. So even cheap seats can still give you a great view of the players and the court. It gives you this impression that they’re playing in a regular high school gymnasium.

extreme fans aficionados hinchas extremos

Unlike in the NBA, the fans will chant and sing songs, wave flags, and bang on drums to motivate their team. I almost thought that the fans just converted from football to basketball because they were so warhawk-like.