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Barcelona Scuba Diving

Posted by on July 5, 2018

Well, actually, it’s not in Barcelona itself but it’s in this nice little area away from the massive crowds of Barcelona, northeast of the city. And not all the tourists are in Barcelona for the FCB games sadly….

scuba diving scuba spain barcelona beach dive shore la playa buceador

That’s me front and center with a dry suit on. Got to wear a dry suit if you can choose to do so! The warm waters don’t come up until June so best to stay warm.

Like with changes in fishing in the UK, Barcelona has a change in animals as well, most notably the fish. I went scuba diving in late winter/early spring and again in late spring/early summer – I saw that there were more types of fish as the waters got warmer. I went with a scuba diving company that did mostly shore diving but I could see that it was well worth it unlike in other places of Europe where I’ve gone diving before.

playa espanola spanish start beginning begin of diving beginners

Where we started our diving was actually a nice place. A great beach to hang out afterwards as well – booze or soda? I pick the ice cold fizzy soda. I also thought this was a great place for beginners if you don’t know how to scuba dive.

According to the scuba diving company, there are other places to go diving but this is the best spot to see the most sea life possible. And I have to agree with them. The seapizza here is the best so far. There was a lot to see as the Spanish have started to really look after the sea life in order to bring more scuba diving tourism and the fisheries back up to par.

spain dive eels congers underwater blue silver gray

I would catch one of these guys one day. But for now, I’ll continue my observance of these Conger Eels while scuba diving.

sea coral bloom plankton filter feeder coral

Like a flower, but it’s actually filtering plankton. Hey, gotta eat somehow right? Even if all those pedals are more like straws in the ocean; I can’t imagine drinking all of the ocean water through that way though…

escuela de pez peces big group of fish fishes spain spanish waters agua espanol espanola espana

You know the diving is good if you see big schools of fish in and out of the area like cars weaving in and out of crazy big cities.

sea slug white black spots sealife nature ocean mediterrean sea

You don’t see many of these sea slugs out there. I think it was one of two I saw there.

anemone shrimp host symbiotic relationship protected

If you look very closely at the diver’s gloved hand, you can see a small shrimp. These shrimp hang around anemone as their home and protection. They’re kind of like Clown Fish, but evolved with the sea anemones.

Pez de san pedro fish swimming nadar nada nadando coasting solo alone

This was an amazing sight to see because I’ve never anything like this fish before. I had to ask my divemaster after the dive wondering what in the world is this fish? He said that it was a Saint Peter’s fish.

sculpin scorpion fish pez de escorpion rockfish pez de rocas on the ground in water

I have caught a variant of the scorpion fish species but it was neat to see one up-close while in Spain.

goby sand fish en la arena bajo de agua hidden escondido

If you look closely, there is some kind of goby fish amongst the sand. I guess his ghost shrimp got eaten so he’s got to find his own home.

moray eel in the rocks crevice hiding

Typical moray. Sitting, watching, and ready to snag a fish or crab. They do take octopuses too!

octopus spooked scared swimming sorprendido pulpo

I think we spooked an octopus out of its hole as we were diving. Too bad it didn’t swim by the moray… now that would have been a great sight to see!

cuttlefish food comida sand burrower

Not as big as an octopus, but I didn’t know what it was until it swam out of the sand. That little thing was hiding! A cuttlefish!

monk fish predator attacker pez

Now this was something. A Monkfish! Never saw one in real life except in the supermarkets.

pez agresivo

While cruising along, I finally was able to get a picture of its front face. At first, it was hard to find it again because it was playing ground chameleon which explains why it’s so successful in ambush-swallowing unsuspecting fish.

I definitely recommend going scuba diving there as the scuba diving company provides free pickup from Barcelona and drop off back to your hotel in Barcelona. There is a funny story as I was getting a ride back to the city. I was the last one being dropped off and we were stopped at a traffic light. I turned to my right and watched this old man trying to back into this really tight spot. It was clear that he didn’t have enough space and when he backed up, he hit the car behind him and then the car alarm immediately went off. He had this disgusted face on him and then he saw me laughing as my driver also noticed the same thing. We drove off laughing, wondering what was the guy thinking???

Link for scuba diving in Barcelona here.

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