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El Clásico! FC Barcelona vs Real Madrid

Posted by on July 11, 2018

Like in my last post, I said that I would only go to a Real Madrid game if FC Barcelona was playing them. Well, I got my wish! Because I wanted to go to a major event like this! Ever wanted to go to the Super Bowl back in the US for the NFL? Well, screw that! Go to Spain and watch the Spanish Super Bowl! El Clásico! FC Barcelona vs Real Madrid, the 2 powerhouses of Spanish Football. Literally, the entire country (and even parts of the world!) stops to watch these major clubs play against each other.

el clasico game real madrid fc barcelona barca El Clásico

Proof that I was there at Camp Nou for the El Clásico! I wasn’t going to watch this one in front of a TV screen. This one was going to be me in the stadium seat! And forget doing all that other touristy crap in Barcelona! This is the place to be if you are a true tourist! Or fan! Or both!

And me? Well, I managed to obtain my golden ticket to go watch this awesome game even though I knew that it had no significance since Barcelona had already won the La Liga trophy the week prior and earlier, the team had won the La Copa del Rey. However, there was some controversy about this game as Real Madrid refused to give a guard of honor to FC Barcelona for winning La Liga when other teams in La Liga (Spanish Football League) had given one to Barca. This “guard of honor” was usually given by opposing teams to the team that won the league. It was a Spanish thing to do in giving honor, salutation, and respect to the team that won the points in the season, a difficult task in itself to sustain for an entire season/year. So it was odd that Real refused to do it.

But of course, it all started back during the beginning of the season when Real wanted Barca to give them a guard of honor because Real won the FIBA Club World Cup. However, Barca refused to do so because they did not participate in that tournament (which is played by champions in their respective regions; Europe only sends one team which is the Champions League winner). So it was a big fight about this and that. The players on both sides were pretty chill about it all because there were players who were going to be teammates on the Spanish team so they had to be civil about that.

warm up calentarse equipos de futbol camp nou estadion stadium history spanish catalan Messi Ronaldo same team dream duo

FCB and Real warming up. Nothing said or done during this time period.

campions champions la liga mes que un club catalan futbol

Everyone stand up with your scroll and flag! The team showed its colors prior to the game’s start! Barcelona had won La Liga because Atletico Madrid lost earlier in the week meaning Barcelona won the title based on points and what was remaining on the schedule.

However, it all came unraveling like a present having its bow tie come undone and pandora’s box was wide open within a few minutes into the game.

FCB team equipo pitch field camp nou

FCB was taking a corner at this stage but it had gotten nasty. FCB’s Sergi Roberto was thrown out of the game for a red card for supposedly throwing a punch at Real’s Marcelo. Later, Messi injures Sergio Ramos for hitting Luis Suarez. There was a lot going back and forth.

Was it expensive? Yes, it was. Was it worth it? Yes, it was. An experience I won’t forget especially being part of the festivities of the FC Barcelona celebrating its La Liga trophy. Lots of singing, flag waving, and cheering amongst the crowd at Camp Nou.

celebrations champions la liga league winners

Let the celebrations begin at Camp Nou! “Mr Spock, alert Sickbay that we’ll have some drunks there soon!”

la liga title win victoria ganar gano

The team celebrates La Liga title win.

team walk hacer paseo camina durante victoria

The team walked around the pitch to wave to the fans. I think they do this for winning the league.

guard of honor paseo de honorado la liga futbol

Gerard Pique got on the microphone and said that the Barcelona staff would give the players a guard of honor since Real Madrid refused to do so. It was interesting to see such a thing.

And best of all, Messi scored a goal meaning that every FC Barcelona game that I have attended has resulted in Messi scoring at least one or two goals. So I got my money’s worth at this game. Well, it could have been better had Barcelona won the game but it was a 2-2 tie. At least I saw Ronaldo score one and Messi score one. Prior to this game, every FCB game I attended resulted in a Barca victory. No ties nor losses. I guess you can’t have it all. At least it wasn’t a loss either but it would have had mattered since the La Liga trophy was Barcelona’s anyways.

Lastly, this was the last El Clásico that Cristiano Ronaldo played in so these games won’t be as big as they used to be now that CR7 has taken off for Juventus, Italy in Serie A. I still think he made this move so he can force his way back to Spain but play with Messi and the rest of the FC Barcelona team! What a powerful front-line that would be! The dream duo!

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