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Going to Real Madrid Museum is better than waiting in lines for museums in Madrid

Posted by on July 8, 2018

So I went to Madrid and there are plenty of museums and attractions in the glitzy Spanish capital. Lots of people, lots of cars moving and shaking. However, what drove me crazy was the amount of tourist hordes coming onto Madrid even during non-high tourist season! I just couldn’t believe it. It was like watching the end of the Roman Empire being overrun by the Barbarians… better to move onto something else….

Royal Palace of Madrid

Looks nice from the outside from this angle, but you would not believe the crowds filling up the lines waiting to get in…. so better is to buy the tickets online so you are not waiting outside for hours and hours like what time-idiots do at the Churchill War Rooms.

So as any smart tourist would do, I picked out the ones that I really wanted to go and made my merry-go-around proceed. First stop, Real Madrid Museum.

champions league trophy trofeo real madrid la liga

I think I’m going to “re-locate” this trophy to the FC Barcelona museum for fun. Heh heh.

Yeah, yeah, I know, I know. I’m a FC Barcelona fan…. why would I go to THEIR museum? Easy. They have plenty of silverware and memorabilia to look at as well. Also, the lines are much shorter than the attractions that I thought about going in but decided against waiting hours and hours only to be disappointed in wasting that portion of my life that I’ll never get back. I don’t live in Madrid nor in Spain so I can say that I’m a foreigner and get away with it… as long as I don’t let my FC Barcelona colors revealed to anyone there.

Champions League trophies lots of them

A nice stack of Champions Leagues trophies won by Real Madrid. The team has been very successful over the years and often times is the preferred team of the rich and elite of Madrid.

3 white trophies tres trofeos blancos futbol football fussball

I don’t think I’ve seen white trophies before… looks like someone can topple them over and break them like clay pots.

trofeo pirata pirata naval futbol soccer trophies museum

A pirate ship trophy? I thought this was an interesting one there. It looked very unique in there.

real madrid merengue jerseys shirts camisas futbol white blancos

It was interesting that they had this in there. I wonder if it was for selling jerseys at the store?

Ballon d'Or player of the year trophy CR7 stuff

Here are some of Ronaldo’s Ballons d’Or. Of course, if you have a top elite player then you have some kind of replicas in the museum as well! Too bad, FC Barcelona signed Ronaldo instead of Ricardo Quaresma… history would have really been different then as the unbelievable duo of Messi and Ronaldo would have toppled the football world then and now! Ronaldo probably would have had more Ballons d’Or because Messi would have been passing to CR7 a lot.

Cristinao Ronaldo museum photo foto museo tour con jugador real madrista

Obviously fake posing with Ronaldo, one of the best football players in the world! What’s also fake about this is I’m not as tall as he is. And if Barcelona had signed CR7, Messi would be in my place in this picture as well because Barca would have dominated the Champions League for many years.

Another museum that I recommend going to due to its under-ratedness, cheap entry (something like 3 euros for entry), and incredible smaller tourist mobs is the Naval Museum of Madrid (Museo Naval de Madrid). I actually enjoyed this place quite a bit. A quick walk from the Prado Museum (over-rated!), this smaller and lesser-known museum has some interesting pieces and has a bunch of stuff even back from the grandeur of the Spanish Armada days.

galleon model modelo barco grande big boat model armada naval peru inca oro mexico aztec conquistador

Obviously, not to real-life size but it shows you how they used to look back in the day carrying troops or gold plunder.

pistolas escopetas riflas armas guns rifles history spanish army ejercito militar military

Set of old guns back from the 1600s to maybe 1800s?

museo naval riflas pistolas solderos marinos infantre infantry troopers

Bust out the guns! Well… maybe not since they’re encased.

boat bottle hobby model botella barca barco naval dentro adentro

They really do put them piece by piece inside that bottle…

small ship hobbyist bottle glass collector museum museo

Another ship in a bottle. I guess you can’t rub these for a genie to come out to grant wishes…