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Lisbon, Portugal

Posted by on July 17, 2018

So what kind of an idiot stays in his hometown until death in these modern times? And what kind of an idiot spends all of his money on stupid foolish stuff throughout his life that he dies as a modern day slave to being a beggar? It seems that the winds of persuasion have set sail throughout the world to convince them to have the energy to make trips to foreign lands at least once before they perish away. Some even make the pilgrimage to the after-world as they made that calculated decision to emigrate to these far-away lands for greener pastures.  The Portuguese were intent on making their mark on the world’s history as Lisbon happened to be one of those new life-launchpads after 1492, when Christopher Columbus discovered the New World. So many people traveled to the ports of Lisbon to make that eventual crossing into the unknown to mark their place in the world.

So I guess it’s time to execute the reverse landing onto that life-launchpad called Lisbon, another place that I’ve always wanted to go to even though it was just right there when I was in Costa del Sol. I was going to make my travel book marked off. Another place to see where the Brazilians gained a big part of their language, culture, societal norms, etc. from.

Jerónimos Monastery tumulo de luis de camoes portugal tourism turismo lisbon lisboa

Known as the Túmulo de Luís de Camões, it’s part of the famous Jerónimos Monastery. It’s quite amazing if you look closely at the details of this building.

Monument of the Discoveries discovery tower building white blanco edificio monumento lisboa

This is called Padrão dos Descobrimentos also known as the Monument of the Discoveries. It was built in honor of Prince Henry the Navigator even though the good prince wasn’t really a sailor.

Ferdinand Magellan monument of the discovery side view carvings

The side of the monument – I actually thought that this monument was built in honor of the Portuguese explorer, Ferdinand Magellan who was the leader and organizer of the first circumnavigation of the earth even though Magellan died before completing the entire journey due to being chopped by island natives since he pissed them off.

Prince Henry the Navigator discovery monument 1930s lisbon tourist pier marina

The monument in the distance. This was part of the walking marina area where you can see another tower…

belem torre lisbon lisboa white tower

Walking from the Monument of the Discoveries will yield a tourist this sight of Belem Tower. It’s one of the more popular sights due to being a tower in the middle of the water.

belem tower on the water in en el agua encima

You can walk around the tower to see the other side which had far less tourists to mess up your grand attempt at getting the perfect photo opportunity. You can go into the tower, for a price. I don’t think you’ll see much though.

Tip: Speaking some Spanish can help as some of the older Portuguese are not that great at English. The younger generation can definitely speak English, but sometimes you just never know. Portuguese is not Spanish, but there are similar words which can make certain conversations easier.

big buffet food seafood mariscos plato comida portuguesa portugues portuguese food grub shrimps crab cangrejo camarones snails

The seafood should obviously be excellent in a seaport town like Lisbon. I had a gorging of the seafood prizes offered up in a restaurant. I must have spent 2 hours of stuffing myself since it took time cracking shells and breaking heads (shrimps) and tearing/peeling skin to get the fleshy meat.

Was Lisbon worth going? I think so – the food definitely made it worthwhile! But also I went there during the winter so having a change from cold, bitter storms harboring ice and snow to having sun and some clouds, calm winds, and an overall peace of mind of enjoying good weather was nice to have. Kind of like finding a 100 dollar bill or 100 euro bill in your pocket out of nowhere.