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Yes, you can scuba dive in Greece. It’s close to Athens too!

Posted by on July 29, 2018

So… if you get bored of all the ancient Greek relics and architecture, you can always do what I do in term of finding fun! Yes, there are opportunities to go scuba diving in Greece! True, most of the diving is in the islands but there is a place that you can go if you are staying in Athens since you might be going there as your first focal point to use to go see other things. Definitely cannot miss out on the temples, Acropolis, etc. by just going diving… although I did something similar when I went to Scotland just to go fishing and not much else. What can I say? I didn’t want to strike out in the more important things in life.

Tip: There are no scuba diving centers in the city of Athens so you have to travel outside of the city to get to the dive centers. It’s not that hard as you can take the taxi which is what I did which costs something around 15-30 euros.

So I took the taxi to go to a town southeast of Athens called Vari. You’ll actually past by this place if you go to the Temple of Poseidon so it’s kind of a hidden gem.

pier greek athens blue water rocky

We all got loaded up from the shop and took a drive around the pier to get onto the dive boat. Sunblock is a MUST or you will look like burnt toast for skin.

diving athens buceo bucear en grecia es posible

Time to jump into the depths of the blue sea and see what the underwater Athens museum can provide in eyeball traffic.

seaflower coral worm gusano del mar oceano plankton

Looks like a seaflower but it’s really a worm collecting plankton.

clam open water ocean salty

A type of sea clam, not the burying type but the more open type. I don’t think you can really eat these.

taking a picture of the photographer diving ntirox clear water summer

Had the cameraman taking photos of me while I was trying to get a good photo (and I failed to do so because the damn fish ran off).

poser through the rocks cave

Complete poser photo.

world cup trophy underwater not antique no classical relic athens under water

Contrary to belief, this was not an antique trophy or cup. It’s a modern day cup that was put down there to take photos of. Could be the new world cup trophy!


Overall, it was an alright scuba dive. The problem is that the Greeks have been living there for thousands and thousands of years so the entire underwater world around Greece has been fished out. There have been efforts by the owner of the scuba diving shop to possibly drag an old ship or something that could be used as an artificial coral reef but nothing due to all the regulations and pink and red tape that they can go through in order to do something like that.

dead sea concussion TNT bomb bomba boom concussed missile poachers bass

A great example of why the underwater world around Athens has been completely fished out. The divemaster said that unauthorized fishermen/poachers would scout and find schools of fish only to throw dynamite in the world to create a concussion blast to stun the fish where they’d belly up to the top. They usually do this quickly so they are not caught but not all of the fish are recovered leaving them to eventually make their descent to the bottom.

But still, I liked the fact that I got out of the city to see something most tourists don’t really do and see the underwater world aspect of Athens, Greece.

scuba diver wetsuit with buddy solo breathing

Coasting to the bottom like I got underwater wings and wheels to make the landing perfect.

The good thing about Vari is that there are plenty of good restaurants and a taxi stand when you walk to the pier. You can’t miss it so you can definitely stay in Athens if you like the unlimited choices in food selection, museums, old Greek stuff, etc. The taxi ride is not as expensive as it was in Croatia when I had to go from Split to Storbec and back, all for scuba diving.

seabass fish dinner cena mariscos pecado asado grecia restaurante por la playa

A nice seafood dinner consisting of bread, salad, and seabass. I have a feeling that this seabass was one of many that got dynamited and picked up…..



Seahorse Diving Center

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