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Luxembourg – the city and the cemetery

Posted by on September 28, 2018

So what exactly is there to do in Luxembourg? The country hidden between Belgium, France, and Germany? Other than the usual city stroll to see the architecture and old buildings…. there is something unique to this country.

luxembourg city ciudad capital buildings edicios pais pequeno small state

Luxembourg is not a big country but it’s still worth going through.

church small plaza luxembourgish church egilse iglesia kirche

Walking around the city will let you see all kinds of old European architecture.

The one unique thing that most people don’t know is that US Army General George Patton, the famous World War II general, was buried in the Luxembourg American Cemetery and Memorial. He actually didn’t die of any war-related gunshots or artillery fire, but instead of an automobile accident which re-affirms that the fact that cars are still the deadly weapon of choice of killing people, intentionally or un-intentionally. Even with self-driving cars, they have not been perfected…. yet. Perhaps, in time, we’ll see if they improve to where they don’t get people killed. Then again, the need for speed is a very powerful motivator in people’s lives.

Cemetery memorial luxembourg us army world war ii 2

This place is a real, complete underrated location that is not really well-visited so there was no one there when I visited it – even I missed it the first time I went to Luxembourg!

memorial shrine

A memorial shrine to recognize the sacrifice the troops made in dying in foreign lands while overseas during war.

luxembourg cemetery Battle of the Bulge headstones us army military world war 2

This cemetery is a lot bigger than I imagined it to be. Most of the troops who died and were interred here at this cemetery were casualties from the Battle of the Bulge, another famous battle-site.

patton's grave lieutenant general final resting place

General George S. Patton, commanding the Third Army in World War II, was one of the most well-known US military leaders due to his colorful personality and actually getting things done. His troops were the first to race into the Battle of the Bulge in order to relieve the US troops surrounded there.

But at least they gave him a grave at the head of the troops and near the top of the easy-sloping hill unlike Bruce and Brandon Lee’s graves which were more centrally-located in the cemetery. That way, General Patton, like coming out of the Living Dead TV series, would lead the zombie army to hasten the zombie apocalypse. Oh well, but that could be for all cemeteries and that’s one thing about Europe that you have to take note – going to these graves/final resting places of famous people whether they were royalty, inventors, military figureheads, leaders, artists, etc. You’ll find a lot of them in Europe. So if the un-dead find a way to rise back to life – you can be sure the leaders will quickly take control to lead the charge…. or fight among themselves for power like they’ve doing for years and years in Europe.