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Scuba diving in Split, Croatia

Posted by on July 15, 2018

So…. what is the standard operation procedure for doing something awesome? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. They just sit on their backsides to get sun-burnt to a crisp and eat and drink like a pig in heaven. That’s what I saw when I was in Split, Croatia – people chattering their feet aimlessly to look around, take pictures, and then decide to sit down at a place to eat and drink AFTER spending the entire day at the beach to get a tan! Haha. No thanks. I’ll be in the water if ya need me.

croatian cathedral church split adriatic sea

They have walking tours around the city but bleh, I can walk myself. It’s much more fun to get oneself lost in the maze of people and streets.

split pier waterboard marina

If you go to the sea, you’ll encounter the marina/piers. This is also where the cruise boats and ferries come into so take note that it can get shoulder-to-shoulder, in-your-face crowded down there. Watch your wallets and purses.

If you are smart enough, you’ll take a quick look around the city and then split. Literally, get out of the city to get away from the tourist mobs. One way to execute this plan is to go out to the smaller beaches that are all around the Split peninsula.

beach croatian former yugoslavia

I walked around and found this beach by the northern marina. However, I found it too crowded for my tastes and can only imagine how much worse it was earlier in the day with babies crying, BBQ going, people drinking copious amounts of booze…..

hidden beach tropical trees beach sand croatia

If I were beach-hunting, this would be it! It’s a bit of a walk but worth it! Nicely hidden and covered with trees to provide shade. Ah, the gods made it a better spot if you ask me unlike the next picture…

j l shape beach croata split

This is Kasuni Beach…. yeah, I’ll pass. It’s just too many people down there and often times you have to reserve/rent a spot/umbrella/seat/towel area.

That’s why instead of being a human Z machine on the beach, I would rather spend the time and energy being underwater to see what the Adriatic Sea has to offer! I definitely liked the diving down there as it was real chill and the guy who ran the shop basically did everything. As for the sea life down there, it wasn’t like the diving in Barcelona but it had some very crystal-clear waters.

So if you want to jump in the water in a very touristic town like Split, then you better make reservations. That’s what I did when I emailed Diving Center OpenSea to inquire about a securing a spot for myself and good thing I did because the operator was booked up to the maximum allowed – he intentionally keeps it low numbers to maintain a better diving experience for all divers, beginners and experienced.

wreck dive croatia fishes fish more wildlife sealife

So our first dive was to this old, sunken fishing boat. There was a huge difference in seeing lots of fish from the first dive (wreck) and the second dive (sloping terrain).

machinery underwater maquinas scuba buceo diving bajo de agua

Some old machinery of the boat. Looks like it’s becoming a home for sea life down there.

artificial coral reefs for fish pez peces oceano mar hogar

There was fish all over this old wreck. All the more for places to sink old ships or whatever they can find to become homes for sea life and even become artificial coral reefs.

case of beer underwater caso de cerveza bajo de agua crate beers

I found a case of beer underwater! It looks like they’ve been open for awhile…. I think I see one that still has some!

drinking beer underwate beber tomar cerveza bajo de agua bucear buceando drinking booze alcohol

Don’t mind if I do! Drink some beer underwater…. I found the beer to be very watered down and too salty for my taste buds. Might need a whole lotta sugar to sweeten it.

If you talk to the Croatian taxi drivers, they always get a kick out of the fact that I know several famous Croatians playing professional sports like Ivan Rakitic of FC Barcelona, Luka Modric of Real Madrid, Ante Rebic of Frankfurt Eintracht, etc. Bonus points were given saying that I used to watch Toni Kukoc (played with Michael Jordan and the 90s Chicago Bulls) and Dino Radja (played a few years with the Boston Celtics in the 90s) of basketball fame – both players come from Split! I have been told that Dino Radja lives somewhere in town but rarely gets bothered by the tourists but might get looks from the locals though.

Contact info for Open Sea Diving. The dive operator is in Storbec, about a 10 minute drive east from Split old town. If you have a smartphone just show the location where you need to go. They all speak passable English.

diving split storbec boat dive divers buceadores bucear mar oceano croat european experience

Here’s the diving boat that took us to the dive spot.