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Copenhagen, Denmark – the expensive Nordic city… and country in general

Posted by on July 18, 2018

They got money to burn! They got roads made of gold! And fantastic globs of meat and other wondrous foods to feast upon! Go to Denmark! Go to Copenhagen! They have gold linings that fill their pockets which are full of gold and wrists covered with Rolexes.

pier marina danes danish boats ships water agua barcos ferry

Not much to see here except the boats going in and out. Copenhagen is actually on an island, not on the mainland. The capital city and its downtown area just seems to be surrounded by water.

Yeah right, that was not the case for me out there when I visited Copenhagen, a damn pricey Danish city…. probably one of the cities and countries where I had to make funny faces of flinching every time I saw the price of something because I had to turn the mathematics gears in my clunker brain in order to do the currency conversion. And every time, there was an explosion of diarrhea surprise in finding out how damn expensive Copenhagen is! For an insane moment of inaccuracy, I really thought that the locals there were all mighty-fine rich. Well, not really… I guess they’re just used to such high prices and live with it.

copenhagen plaza city hall square rathaus

My first introduction to the city: the City Hall Square, after getting off the plane and taking the train into the city. Okay, so far, so good… until the prices just murder me and my poor wallet.

castle garden copenhagen downtown castillo

A nice view of this castle when walking in the city’s gardens. I didn’t want to go inside knowing that they’d want to buy my arm off or something.

danish castle palace royal royalty queen king prince princess

This is called Amalienborg. It’s also where the royal palace is. I think the royal family lives there unless they hide in the shadows to get away from peering eyes of the paparazzi.

Danish palace of royalty plaza platz

If you walk around, you’ll see Danish soldiers walking around as sentries. Kind of like the British guards in England, they are doing the same type of duty.

st albans church danish dane church

This is St. Alban’s Church, near the Star Fortress and the Little Mermaid. I’d have to say that both the fortress and little mermaid were just not that great. The little mermaid is just some bronze statue that wacky tourists just go there take a picture and then leave 10 seconds later. It really is worthless. I didn’t even take a picture at all cuz it sucked.

Tip: Try not to spend too much time in this city. Out of all the cities and countries that I’ve been to, Copenhagen and Denmark in general, was the priciest of them all – sucking all of my money into their coffers. Even a can of coke (330 mL) can knock you down 6 euros or close to 8 US dollars!

So what’s the verdict? Go back or no? It’s more of a maybe – it’s just a damn expensive place to be at. I did see from the outside that the Tivoli Gardens, which is an amusement park, was there but I decided not to go. When I went to Copenhagen, it was during the late winter and it was still cold! I don’t think riding a roller coaster was going to be that fun at all and I’m not even sure if they were operational. The park was open but I think the entrance fees were cheaper and it was more of a walk around park for spectators and photo grabbers.

Maybe this place might be better in the summer when the weather would be far warmer. But I highly doubt that the prices won’t go down. Like the temperatures in the summer time, the price tags also go up in cost.

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