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Budapest, Hungary = the two towns of Buda and Pest

Posted by on July 30, 2018

It’s one of the cities that people have their European bucket list to go visit: Budapest, the city by the Danube River and the capital of Hungary. There is far amount of history in this city but most of the attractions are all by Buda Castle or in my opinion, by the Danube River.

Szechenyi Chain Bridge budapest puente hungaria europa rio danube

This is one of the more famous bridges because almost everyone walks across it to get to either side of the city.

fortress fuerte fuerza hungaria militar ejercito castle castillo fort

I don’t know why they called this Fisherman’s Bastion because I highly doubt that the fishing was that great since the river’s been fished out for many, many years.

iglesia eglise dom hungarian religious old building edificio alto ancien

On the other side of Fisherman’s Bastion, this is Matthias Church.

marker km kilometer mile counter contador count

I took this picture from Zero Kilometre Stone… zero km meaning this is where they started counting how far it would take to go from that point in the capital to wherever in Hungary. Kind of that saying… all roads lead to Rome… instead, it’s all roads lead to Budapest!

People don’t seem to know this but I did prior to my visit to the Hungarian capital but it was combination of two cities: Buda (western part which had the fortress) and Pest (eastern, flat part of the city where many of the residents lived). King of Hungary at the time decided to join both cities together since the only thing that separated the two was the Danube River. Of course, when the Mongols arrived, they caused a lot of chaos and mayhem before they finally withdrew due to Genghis Khan’s grandson and current Khan at the time, Ogedai, died and all the Mongol leaders had to return to vote on the new Khan. That was the last time and the furthest the Mongols ever gotten into the heart of Europe all because Ogedai was an alcoholic… funny how despite the Mongols having slaughtered over 50-80 million people that Europe survived due to one powerful man’s lure to liquor and eventual death.

Budapest surely would have fallen had the Mongols continued raiding went westward to Spain and England. But after all the invading was done, I still think the European Empire the Mongols created for themselves would have centered the capital upon Budapest due to the fact that the Hungarians were nomads at one time themselves and would have easily appealed to the Mongol conquerors to make Budapest the center of the Mongol Empire. But as time has shown, the Mongols got lazy so the Empire would have been broken into pieces once again. I think the Hungarians would have had a larger country though, but you never know since it became part of Austria-Hungary and that still split up in pieces.

donau river danube city stadt hauptstadt capital river water hungary europe

The city looks so different on cloudy days and sunny days.

sunny soleil sonnentag day tag budapest buda pest city big

Budapest would have really looked different had the Mongols been successful in taking over all of Europe. Budapest would have surely appealed to the Mongols by using their Hun ancestry.

Tip: Order the goulash, which is the country’s specialty and it comes in different kinds of meat such as sheep, beef, pork, etc.

hungaria hungary ungarn goulash food essen comida soup stew sopa

The goulash comes in different flavors and meat. I happened to be in Budapest during some kind of festival so I ate and ate all kinds of goulash to get my fill.