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What to see in Frankfurt, Germany – the football club! Eintracht Frankfurt

Posted by on August 13, 2018

I will state my opinion frankly but there not much to see in this city. Frankfurt is one of the cities that got really bombed and damaged back during World War II. This probably helped in its revival as the people were able to rebuild with wider streets and taller, modern buildings – some which are used for huge financial companies. Frankfurt also has a world-class international airport with destinations all over the world which makes Frankfurt a great place to travel all over but more importantly, all over Europe! However, overall to me, there is nothing noteworthy to go gawk at in Frankfurt so just make it a stopping point and move on.

If you need something fun to do in Frankfurt, then I suggest to watch the local football club, Eintracht Frankfurt. They’ve bounced back and forth between Bundesliga and Bundesliga 2 due to being promoted and relegated over  the years but I think they are finally here to stay in top flight football in Germany especially in 2018 when they beat Bayern Munich in the DFB Pokal (aka German Cup) final game in Berlin. Bayern was heavily favored to win the game and the trophy because they won the Bundesliga title (or league title) earlier in the season. Instead, Frankfurt played defensively well to where their counterattacks caught Bayern off guard and won the game 3-1.

Since Bayern Munich won the league trophy and Frankfurt won the German cup, that meant that they would face in the German Supercup match. I happened to luck out in getting a ticket to the game because I wanted to see if Eintracht Frankfurt could repeat the magic from last time. Of course, it was going to be harder this time around since Bayern is always a perennial contender year in, year out, and their coach, Niko Kovac? Well, he guided Frankfurt’s victory over Bayern Munich but was now the Bayern Munich coach!  The road to victory got a lot more difficult knowing that their coach knows Frankfurt quite well.

commerzbank arena eintracht frankfurt football fussball soccer city game supercup

It was a great day for game. Warm, not cold, and plenty of anticipation for the start. I always try to get to the stadium early so I don’t have to hunt down my seat.

warmup bayern bayerisch fussball team match spieler jugador futbol grass pitch

I took a picture of the Bayern Munich team warming up. Several of these players were on the German national team a few months ago when the World Cup was played in Russia.

pre game celebrations celebrar antes del juego partido Spiel Super Cup Deutschland Bundesliga

The Pre-game celebrations were amazing with the whole presentation and all. They even brought out last season’s League and German Cup trophies because in the Super Cup – both winners face each other. In the event, a team wins both, then the German Cup runner-ups play in the Supercup.

Interestingly, there were a lot of Bayern Munich fans at the Commerzbank Arena (Frankfurt Stadium) which really was a home game for Eintracht Frankfurt. But I guess in this case, it was considered neutral ground since Bayern Munich won the League and Frankfurt won the German Cup meaning two winners facing head-to-head.

corner kick la esquina patada grass green pitch soccer field

Some game time. In the first 10-15 minutes was all about breaking that rust since both teams had not played a real game for awhile. Just know that to the left is where Frankfurt fans would have flags and signs but that section was reserved for the Bayern Munich fans. It’s a bit different during a Trophy Game.

And in the end, Niko Kovac knew his former team too well as Bayern Munich slaughtered Eintracht Frankfurt 5-0. It should have been 6-0, but Frankfurt did not look like the team that won the German Cup a few months ago.

bayern munich supercup win victoria gano ganar

5-0 score. It was a whupping. Bayern’s Robert Lewandowski scores a hat trick to pretty much put the screws on Frankfurt’s early night loss.

major trophy super cup podium team celebrates trophy trofeo ganar celebrar

Bayern Munich celebrates the first trophy of the season with the Super Cup. Generally, the Super Cup in all leagues across Europe is not as valued as the League trophy, the League Cup, or Champions League – it’s still a major trophy!

One funny thing that I remember going to the stadium was when I was walking to the stadium and I could see vaguely in the dark a line of guys taking a piss along the treeline while German police (men and women) just walked around like it was nothing and perfectly normal. I just started laughing when I saw that and kept on walking to the game.

So was it worth it? Yeah, I would say so. Anytime you can go to a trophy match game is always a big deal because you can see the celebrations. Kind of like FC Barcelona celebrating the League Trophy win at home in Camp Nou. That was worth going just to see all that confetti come down, but then again it was the El Clásico!

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