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Prague, capital of the Czech Republic

Posted by on August 1, 2018

The city by the Vltava River, also known as the Czech National River, has always been another one of those must-visit-European-cities. Like Budapest, Prague is known for its architecture by the river that has developed over the centuries making it a tourist destination. Unlike the Goulash that made Hungary famous for, the Czech Republic is more famous for its beer. Either that or people still remember the Czech Republic as being part of Czechoslovakia, before it broke up into two countries of Czechia (Czech Republic) and Slovakia.

Charles Bridge Vltava River rio prague capital puente

That’s the Charles Bridge which you might have read or heard about. When it was first constructed, the Charles Bridge was known as the Stone Bridge and it connected Prague Castle with Old Town. By the way, Prague Castle is overloaded with tourists like Old Town is.

bridge tower czech republica czechia prague king charles

This is the Old Town Bridge Tower. The bridge used to be very important back in the day as it symbolized one of the important bridges that linked the west and east path. Nowadays, it’s a very popular walking path for tourists so take note that it can be very crowded at times.

Tip: Don’t hire a shuttle service in Prague. There is no train nor metro so instead, get a taxi. Well, I take that back, there is a tram but it’s just a hassle since the airport is fairly far from the inner city like Split, Croatia. So I recommend taking a taxi and get one of their business cards so you can call them to pick you up at a discount unless your hotel can call you up quickly. One time I went to Prague, I got a van shuttle service, and it took so long that I could have used a taxi to get there faster and more efficiently. I waited almost 2 hours for that stupid van to show up when I could have gone exploring!

old town prague plaza

You’ll see lots of interesting buildings in old town of Prague.

Prague Astronomical Clock peering from alley black building old antique

As you make your way into Old Town, you’ll get peeks into some fantastic buildings… you’ll also take note of seeing so many damn tourists. You’ll see them unfortunately in this tourist-crazed city.

old town square plaza prague famous czechia capital large city hauptstadt

So this is the Old Town Square. By the looks of it, there are waves and waves of tourists here. I didn’t get a good picture of the famous Prague Astronomical Clock but you can easily see the magic of the place.

Tip: If you want to take good pictures especially of Prague’s famed old town square, get there early in the morning because Prague doesn’t really have a low season in my opinion. It’s just so damn popular that all year long the city gets an influx of tourists. I don’t even think that the winters barely scare off that many tourists looking to enjoy the sights and sounds of the Czech capital as well as the beer and food. I have to say that Czech food is good. It’s not that spectacular but it’s still good especially in relation to its price. A huge difference compared to the wallet suckers of Copenhagen. Maybe that’s another reason why Prague is popular with the traveling crowds – great views, good food, good drinks.

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