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Fishing in Iceland – it’s possible but you need experience and a lotta luck!

Posted by on August 7, 2018

I have to admit that after going scuba diving in Iceland to be really fun, chill, and enjoyable, I thought that it would be super-easy trying to catch sea-run brown trout there as well like it was fly fishing in England. Nope. I was wrong. It was more like fly fishing in Scotland – must have luck pre-installed onto your fishing drive. Maybe it was the weather or the water levels but I really had to work it hard. I guess I should have gone fishing out in the ocean because at least in Scotland, I caught some sharks. In Iceland, the sea-run trout are a lot more spooked. And what’s funny that there are only big fish and small ones – nothing in-between which makes sense because the little ones are just starting out and the big ones survived the arduous journey from bears, seals, whales, sharks, other big fish, etc.

stream farmer farm water varma river rio glacier waters geothermal big fish

Ahhh, what a great day for fishing. After the previous day of scuba diving, it was time for the next step – fly fishing the pure clean waters of Iceland.

Tip: You must have fly fishing experience (both dry fly and nymph) before you do this fishing trip because otherwise you will fail in catching any fish. It’s also expensive here in Iceland due to the combination of having everything shipped in (since it’s an island) and high taxes, probably not as bad as Copenhagen/Denmark. Also take note of the fishing seasons which generally run from April to October. Different fish species come out at different times in the rivers/lakes – the only native freshwater fish in Icelandic waters are Atlantic Salmon, Brown Trout, and Arctic Char.

waterfall fishing catarata pesca fly con la mosca rod line leader

My guide stated that you can see trout jumping at this waterfall but there were none to be seen. Probably the water level is too low. No bites here after casting all around it. it was a first for me fishing such a big waterfall. Just very therapeutic standing there and casting.

brown trout trucha sea run icelandic fun water waders wading creek stream pure water pura agua pesca

My guide spotted this big sea-run brown trout. So we made a plan for me to sneak behind it so I could cast out to it. But for some reason, he just didn’t want to bite. I ended up catching another brown trout, much smaller. The funny thing is that I caught that small one on a back cast.

iceland fly fishing lures casting rod fly fishing trout trucha icelandia campo rio arroyo naturaleza pez peces la pesca peche

That’s me casting in the waters of Iceland, trying to catch a sea-run Brown Trout. My guide was on the pedestrian bridge scouting to see if there were any big fish to cast to and snapped this photo of me trying to get this one big trout but gave me the finger instead.

In the end, I only caught a few small brown trout. I was hoping to top the big brown trout caught back in New York but in this case, I think my luck ammunition ran out. Maybe I spent it all on the last English fishing trip. All that means is that I have to build my fishing luck ammo bays. And no, I didn’t take any pictures of any of the small brownies that I caught. They don’t just measure up to the “big one” that I caught.

Tip: If you’re going to stay in Reykjavik, don’t stay near the city center. Many times I was woken up at night because of the screaming, yelling, puking, and other ass-grabbing by drunk tourists (and probably locals) at 1, 2, 3, 4, and even 5 am! I remember walking out onto the street and there was a cleanup crew, power-washing the street because there was so much debris on the street: beer, piss, vomit, bottles, and other stuff. Maybe this might have affected my fishing because I couldn’t get any good sleep. Unless you are a boozer and/or a night owl, don’t stay on Austurstraeti Street. You’ll never sleep.


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