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FC Ingolstadt and the Audi Museum

Posted by on August 11, 2018

The first German football game that I went to was in Ingolstadt, in the province of Bavaria, southeast Germany. So why did I go there in the first place? Well, for starters, there is the Audi Museum and old town…. but not much else. That’s where the football game comes into play where I got to see a Bundesliga game between FC Ingolstadt and Hamburg SV.

football club ingolstadt die schanzer sportpark audi fussball futbol

FC Ingolstadt played against Der Dino (Hamburger SV) and won that game. It was really cold that day so make sure you wear good clothing to keep ya warm and toasty.

the pitch green campo verde con jugadores del futbol spieler spielern fussball bundesliga

The fans were really passionate as this team finally made it to German top flight. Unfortunately, after only two years, they got relegated down to Bundesliga 2. The quality is just not as good as the big name clubs but still, it’s fun to watch in case there is a young prospect coming up the ranks.

So what’s next after the game (or before the game)? Old town of Ingolstadt is a possibility but it’s not that special as it’s pretty common like other European cities and towns. It’s still worth going through but it’s better to head on over to the Audi Museum aka museum mobile. There are lot of cars and motorcycles in there as they change exhibits over time like all museums do.

entrance entrada museo museum das einfahrt bavarian cars die autos

Here we go! The Audi Museum. Take note of the hours when they are open because you don’t want to show up and find out that it’s closed.

Motorcycles and cars galore in the Audi Museum.

military car bikes museum army soldiers biking

I thought the tan-colored motorbike was interesting as it looked like some kind of military bike for doing recon missions.

museum audi germany cars autos vehicles history bavarian factory maker

Another interesting thing that I saw at the Audi Museum – a revolving elevator type mechanism that moved the cars in a circular motion. Kind of reminded me of a machine gun ammo clip except with cars!

racecar victory races won championships champion racer auto car

I think this car actually won some races which was why it was showcased in the museum.

statue motorcycle 2 wheels cycle bike audi future

An interesting piece of work – I guess that’s how motorcycles are designed from. They carve it into a statue and work from there. The future is here!

Like I stated earlier before, it’s best to go to these cities by combining whatever they have to offer and watching a football game. It’s best to see which teams are out there and which level they play at. Germany has multiple levels but I prefer to watch the very best which is the Bundeliga 1 or just simply Bundesliga. There are also Bundesliga 2 and 3, but they are not that good unless they are on the upswing and get promoted. I’m not going into full detail about the promotion/relegation format, but I prefer to see the very best like FC Barcelona. But the problem is FC Barcelona don’t play in Germany that much unless it’s a friendly or Champions League game so you might be pressed for time if you’re only in Germany. So what’s a tourist to do in Germany then? I guess go watch the German clubs play.