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Mainz, Germany – another football team: FSV Mainz

Posted by on August 25, 2018

There is another top-tier Bundesliga team around the Frankfurt area: FSV Mainz, but the team is located in Mainz, basically across the river from Frankfurt. The best way to go to their home stadium is to take a car. But is there anything in the city of Mainz? Not really. Like Frankfurt, Mainz got heavily bombed as well during World War II so all of the historical and important parts of the city are gone to history forever.

So what’s to do in Mainz? As always (and in doubt), go to the local football game!

1. FSV Mainz 05 Arena Coface Arena Rhineland-Palatinate stadium

Opel Arena… right in the middle of farmland. It’s just out there. The local Opel carmakers have lent their name to the Arena in order to get some advertising.

And yes, they are currently in the first league of Bundesliga, but they have brushed with relegation before as they’ve gotten into that un-enviable position of 16th place at the end of the season, meaning that they go into relegation playoffs by playing the 3rd placed team in 2nd Bundesliga. They play 2 games and the one that scores the most goals win (if there is a tie, then the team that scores the most away goals will win). However, they could go into the ultimate tie and do penalty shootouts after overtime, but of course, the pressure is always on.

It seems like FSV Mainz is always under pressure to not get relegated after getting promoted ever since they got promoted to first league. Even in the game that I went to, they played against Schalke, a historically stronger team in Bundesliga and lost 0-1. So they might go the route of their local rivals, FC Kaiserslautern and Eintracht Frankfurt although Frankfurt managed to fight and claw its way back into first league after getting relegated a few times.

opel arena mainz bundesliga fans without before game start kickoff

The fans have not yet arrived but it’s good to get there early to see the words on the seats.

behind scenes tv crew skysports staff cameramen lights

I got a front-row seat and it was great to see the behind the scenes on the TV crew there.

fans german fussball football hooligans germanic deutsch

The FSV Mainz Fans were getting rowdy prior to kickoff which showed a great audience in attendance despite the loss to Schalke.

football ground level seats front row primer nivel

Mainz vs Schalke. And they’re off!

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