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Munich, Germany – home of the BMW Museum and FC Bayern Munich

Posted by on August 15, 2018

So in light of watching Bayern Munich winning the Supercup in Frankfurt, I thought that I should turn my attention to Munich or better known in Germany as München. To Germans, it’s known as the capital of Bavaria which gives off the stereotype of beers and bratwursts, thanks heavily in large part to the world famous Oktoberfest. Originally, it was a festival to celebrate the Bavarian royalty’s wedding later became an agricultural festival and has now evolved into a beer festival where people all over the world make their beeline travel to Munich to partake in the huge quantities of beer. I heard that there are some beers that are just made specifically for Oktoberfest. I’m not a beer guy so I went to Munich during non-Oktoberfest days. Instead, I went to Munich to see the the city, the BMW Museum, and FC Bayern Munich.

new town hall rathaus munich muenchen platz city hall building

One of the more amazing buildings in Munich even though it’s not that old compared to some buildings that are centuries old. This building was constructed in the late 1800s, early-1900s. So it’s still quite old but a masterpiece.

Like many cities in Germany, Munich got heavily bombed during World War II so many of its traditional architecture was heavily damaged and/or even destroyed. However, due to the bombings and destruction, this enabled the city to widen the roads and modernize the city to what it is today. With so much investment pouring into West Germany at the time, companies were able to convert from wartime production to civilian production which is why BMW became powerhouse in Munich.

BMW museum musee museo edificio munich cars

The circular building is the BMW museum while the building to the right of it is BMW headquarters.

classical auto motorbike bike motorcycle motocicleta carro

You have to pay to get inside, but I think it’s worth doing so. Here are some classical vehicles – a car and motorcycle made in the early 1900s.

red car museum piece antique german vehicle

Some of the cars there have a history about them such as this red car but I can’t remember though.

BMW bikes white red

A pair of nice-looking BMW motorcycles.

future car silver grey gray auto expensive pricey technological fech

It’s not just old antique cars in the museum. As you start to walk around, you’ll start to see some of the more modernized, futuristic vehicles as well.

future car futuro de auto german car industry bavaria

The future is here! BMW’s most futuristic car that also looks good!

Ah, yes, and of course… the city is associated with the most successful Bundesliga team in its history: FC Bayern Munich. They play in Allianz Arena which is obvious that it’s brand new compared to their old home of Munich Olympiastadion so the charm of an old stadium filled with history is not there not like the Bernabeu or Camp Nou. However, it’s still worth going to a game to see Germany’s best even though in my opinion, they don’t do so well in Champions League. It’s quite different when you can strike fear in your domestic league opponents but not so much against other heavy European giants. I recommend that you get tickets ahead of schedule because Bayern generally sells out every game and that almost includes games where they are the visitor.

bayern munich stadium arena pitch stadion football fussball futbol club sv

It looks like a silver-colored bath tub but it houses one of the most famous, well-known football clubs in Europe: Bayern Munich.

inside the stadium fc bayern munich munchen allianzarena

I got a near front-row seat right down the center line! Whoo! I recommend going early so you can setup and see the warm-ups.

warm up warming up calentarse antes del juego

It’s Bayern warming up. If you look closely, there are some famous names in there.

arjen robben dutch player spieler holandes bald striker

That’s Arjen Robben, probably one of the most famous footballers out of the Netherlands. He has some of the best reactions I’ve ever seen in a footballer!

centre forward lewandowski polish poland 9 striker forward

That’s Robert Lewandowski, also another famous footballer but he comes from Poland. He’s probably one of the best center-forwards out there.

Tip: If you do go to Allianz Arena for a game, I recommend after the game to walk some distance in order to avoid the traffic. The after-game congestion is just horrendous there and that even includes the trains! I made the great decision to utilize my two feet because I could see that I was walking faster than bumper-to-bumper cars stuck in gridlock traffic.

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