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Dachau Concentration Camp

Posted by on August 17, 2018

If you go to Munich, then you must go to Dachau, a World War II concentration camp. Although not as notorious or big as Auschwitz, it still has a nasty reputation among the locals even though it’s lessen over the years. Even though it’s a concentration of lesser reputation, it undoubtedly still inflicted a lot of pain, suffering, and created a lot of death at this place. One has to think back in the prisoner’s shoes of living in such horrid conditions especially the lack of food and drink can cause many people to go insane.

prison concentration camp dachau munich nazi jewish final solution gates puertas de carcel alemania

Welcome to the gates of imprisonment. There’s no metal sign that states “Arbeit macht frei” but rather imagine machine guns fixed on you as you’re walking through.

fence paredes wall prison jail prisoners jews jewish judeos judaism

There was a fence line within the fence line in Dachau. That can deter a lot of prisoners with any ideas of running away.. Another barrier to hurdle is another problem to solve and time would be of the essence when running away.

guard tower machine gun guards imposing problems problemas de escaparse escape impossible

And don’t forget that you got guard tower with machine guns fixed on you should you decide to take your chances on foot. You probably won’t make it far.

trench shooting line machine gunnin' firing rifla sniped sniper armas de guardia nazis

This is the biggest problem of all – that trench line where a machine gun can easily shoot right down the line with no problems. Any other solutions to run away? The dungeon keepers have truly thought of ways to prevent escape….

open plaza courtyard plazo platz roll call audience prisoners tally taking count

And problem is the roll call…. the guards were notorious for doing daily roll calls, sometimes even doing them several times a day to ensure all prisoners were accounted for. This was also a morale degrader because prisoners would often hear who died during this time too. The hard stand buildings were where the guards stayed in while the majority of the prisoners stayed in these crappy wooden buildings where they were really hot during the summer and really cold during the winter.

burning bodies ashes get rid of evidence quemar cuerpos personas quema destruir evidencia

Should you die, you would head off to the incinerator so the Nazis could get rid of your existence and claim innocence. This also ensured that people were not faking their deaths in order to escape as well.

Tip: The best way to visit these concentration camps is to imagine yourself being a prisoner thinking of living in those terrible conditions of little food and water (always hungry), one set of ragged clothes, little to no entertainment, sleep was terrible due to crappy beds, always too hot or too cold, always tired from working long hours, and always on the watch by the hawk eyes of the guards. That can take a toll on a person. But also imagine this: coming up with an idea to escape. Jail breaks are always fun to think about so think from a survival standpoint. How would you do it as a prisoner of Dachau?

When Allies took Germany and made the discoveries about the concentration camps, they made the locals help clean the site which probably put a mental scarring for the rest of their lives so they would never forget because many claimed that they didn’t know what was going on which may be or may not be true. But at least, they won’t forget the suffering of the prisoners there or the mental anguish of having to clean dead bodies and body parts. Memories and stories like that don’t go away so they don’t happen again!

This also helped push the story of the concentration camps were not a myth but actual truth to the entire world. But it couldn’t just be spread through the news, it also had to be pushed through word-of-mouth. That was the reason why the Allies made the local German people who lived nearby into voluntold helpers who obviously did not want to participate but did so by force. No doubt the locals complained while at home which ensured the stories would not disappear in history.

In case if you’ve wondered how I would do my escape from Dachau, it would be either through stealth (finding a guard to knock out and stealing his clothes and papers) or go out with a bang in full force. You’re facing death anyways and you’re getting weaker by the day so it would be easier to snatch an automatic rifle early in your time in prison and just make a break for it. Once out, gotta find a way to Switzerland which at the time was the closest neutral country around. Also a safe haven a well.

Tip: It’s best to have a rental car to drive out there as public transportation does not really go out there or in my opinion, a little tricky to get out there. Having a car also means that you can drive up to Ingolstadt to see the Audi Museum if you’re up there as well. If you cannot make it out to Auschwitz where you have to have a reserved ticket, then Dachau is a good option as well if you want to see a concentration camp back from World War II.

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