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Hitler’s Eagle Nest

Posted by on August 21, 2018

So who was the one who authorized these concentration camps such as the ones at Dachau or Auschwitz in order to kill so many people? Easy, the notorious Adolf Hitler. And where did he make such a decision? At a place called the Eagle’s Nest although the locals call it Kehlsteinhaus which is in the vicinity of the town of Berchtesgaden, Germany, very, very close to Hitler’s home country of Austria. Used exclusively by members of the Nazi Party for government and really special social meetings/gatherings, Hitler would go up there to entertain guests and hold lavish dinners.

on top of the mountain hitler nazi 101st airborne austria germany mountain alps history

It’s a lot smaller than you think it is; you will get surprised thinking “Man, those official photos make it bigger than it is!” But it sure does look better during nice weather than a cold, foggy one.

eagle's nest tunnel tunel kehlsteinhaus birthday gift meeting guests

Walking through the tunnel which was supposed to fit a car in there if driven carefully so Hitler didn’t do all this walking. Also, the cars back then were smaller too.

nieblig cloudy foggy nieblina dia en la montana cima austria

Can you see anything? Another one of those official photos that make it look better than it really is. It was really foggy up there.

cross cruz eagle's nest

Upon walking up to it, it’s a cross! They put this cross in AFTER World War II was well complete which by then the Eagle’s Nest was a bit rundown due to the famed US 101st Airborne troops coming in and plundering it a bit. Not to mention it was just sitting there until the Bavarian government stepped in to maintain it and make it tourist attraction.

eagles nest building bavaria Berchtesgaden bayern

Quite small, eh? Even the inside is not that big. So much for the Eagle’s Nest. I can imagine how much better the view would be during a nice, non-cloudy, non-foggy day.

The Eagle’s Nest was constructed carefully in secret without the Führer knowing so that it could be later given to the German Chancellor Adolf Hitler even though the weird thing was that he was scared of heights so he might have visited the place several times but he actually never stayed overnight there. Only the guards stayed overnight as Hitler generally stayed at Berghof in Obersalzburg which was close by. Berghof was later demolished by the British bombs and any remaining Nazi or Hilter history-connected buildings were later destroyed.

The best way to visit the Eagle’s Nest is to travel to Salzburg, Austria first where there are tour buses that will take you across the German/Austrian border and back again. The border is simply just marked by a sign, no guards or gates, as both countries are very similar to each other having a nearly universally shared language, culture, and history. So those famous Anschluss pictures of guards dismantling a border gate was true in some respects due to the open borders of the EU. But I highly doubt we’ll ever seen an invasion from each side.

I also recommend taking the train or plane into Salzburg instead of driving especially from Munich because unlike in Germany, Austria requires all vehicles to have a vignette also known as a road sticker. Failure to have this sticker will incur a fine of over 100-200 euros. Not good for your already getting-smaller-wallet. Also, in the city of the Salzburg particularly around the downtown area, there is not a lot of places to park a car so it’s far better to be a pedestrian in old town anyways. That way you don’t have to worry about meter maids ticketing your car or even towing it away to never, everland.

Tip: Plan your trip to the Eagle’s Nest during the months of April to October because during the rest of the year, the place is closed down due to the winter snow and ice. Only specialized tour buses can allowed to go up and down so even if you bring a car, you can’t drive it up there. You have to leave it in the parking lot and then take the special Eagle’s Nest bus up and back down. Yet another parking fee to pay! Don’t forget that high season in Salzburg starts in mid-May until end of August but those are also the best days where there is less fog and clouds. Make your best guess and go from there.

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