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FC Kaiserslautern known as 1. FCK

Posted by on August 27, 2018

Yes, their football club is called FC Kaiserslautern also known as 1. FCK. Yes, it looks like 1 FUCK. A lot of people make f-word jokes about that club a lot. The sad part is that FC Kaiserslautern used to be a great football team in the 80s, 90s when it won the DFB Pokal (German Cup) and the Bundesliga title. A true powerhouse team that was in the first league for many years. They could actually compete with Bayern Munich back then when they were known briefly as FC Bayern Hollywood or strictly FC Hollywood. There was so much tabloid, soap opera gossip and stories that the players were more known for their off-the-field issues (affairs, divorce, etc.) rather than their on-the-field prowess. Basically take all the trash tabloid stories of movie and music stars and install it all into a football club.

So FC Bayern Munich + tabloid stories = FC Hollywood

And what about FC Kaiserslautern? They did not have those kinds of problems. They actually went out to compete, sometimes even beating Bayern Munich. The team even provided at times to the national team back in the past which shows how strong they really used to be. But of course, things change over time to where FC Kaiserslautern fell into hard times crashing into second league and eventually third league while Bayern took off and stayed near the top with less tabloid trash. Of course, once in awhile the term FC Hollywood does come back.

Unfortunately or fortunately, FC Kaiserslautern’s glory days will not likely come back. They did win the German Cup only to get relegated in the same season but came roaring back the next season to win promotion from 2nd to 1st league and then went out to win the Bundesliga Championship. The next season, they even competed in the Champions League but yet again, Bayern Munich played the doom card and knocked them out of the Champions League. That’s when the glory days truly ended as FCK began its spiral into 2nd and then into 3rd league, for the first time in history. In my opinion, building FC Kaiserslautern’s new stadium, the Fritz Walter Stadion, was what began everything as mismanagement of funds and direction of the club brought it all down. All just to have a stadium in time for the 2006 World Cup. What a waste…

2006 FIFA World Cup stadium

The stadium is easily visible from even far away as they built the stadium on top of a hill.

Betze fifa bundesliga 3rd league 2nd fck

Sad to say but FC Kaiserslautern actually owned the stadium at one point but had to sell it to the local government in order to raise cash.

soccer players futbol jugadores on the pitch field green verde

It was an alright experience as it was my first 2nd Bundesliga game. There is a noticeable difference between top flight and the second tier league just not in the quality of play but also the amount of cameras, crews, and amount of people normally seen in a first league game. FCK played against SpVgg Greuther Furth, a perennial 2nd league team that has never played in first league, but at least, they didn’t get relegated to third league like FCK did.

Is there anything else in Kaiserslautern itself? Not really. It’s just a military town and that’s about it.