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What’s in Trier, Germany, that people go there for? Karl Marx’s house!

Posted by on August 29, 2018

So why is Trier on the travel list for a certain group of tourists? Well, the answer is easy. The Karl Marx house is located in Trier so as a result, many Chinese people go to the house in order to see where the father of modern communism and socialism was born.

karl marx communism socialist house das kapital author writer book home birth geburtshaus

Just a replica of the Karl Marx house. Nothing fancy about it but nice to see that the Communists are still hoping for a revival… maybe?

head statue karl marx german writer author deutsch

A Karl Marx bust with his signature in the background.

socialist communist statue bronze bearded one

What’s interesting about Karl Marx is that he moved to London and stayed there until his death. Kind of makes you wonder if he wasn’t there for the revolution… then what?

tall statue white black marx

A statue of the Bearded One.

Is it worth going to? I guess it is just to see it. There’s not much documents or writings that he left behind because he moved to London until his death. But overall, no. Better to go off to downtown Trier and find a good restaurant to eat food. I thought of the house as more of a pilgrimage site for Chinese tourists wanting to see this place.

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