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Taking a break to go fly-fishing in England again – with major success!

Posted by on August 31, 2018

So instead of going to all these places to play tourist, I would take breaks to go do something else such as more fishing! Due to some places being more difficult to where you need a lot of luck such as in Iceland and Scotland, I decided to go to a place where I know that there would be a more proven quantity of fish there to hook and land! So here comes England again! Fish on!

rainbow trout in uk england freshwater fishing pesca con la mosca lago rio agua dulce peche angeln

Just admiring my rainbow trout that I caught.

boat fly fishing big water large aqua agua rod reel hat sunglasses fishin

Landed another rainbow trout! That day I caught 10+ rainbow trout. Gotta have a good fishing guide like mine and some fly fishing experience/skills so you can maximize your results.

eating fish meat catching food dinner lunch catch release eating

Another trout! It was a great day to be out and about.

The conditions, particularly the seasons, there will depend on what can be caught. So I’ve found out that Zander, Pike, and Perch are easier to catch during the summer in England while the cooler periods is when rainbow and brown trout are easier to catch. Of course, there are always exceptions but so far after fishing in the spring (caught nothing but rainbow trout), fishing in early summer (caught nothing but Zander and Pike), and now late summer produced a variety of fish this time around – rainbow trout, perch, and pike. And best of all was that I hooked and landed both a perch and pike on a fly for the first time in my life!

european perch fly fishing small bait fish native peces pez nativo pequeno

My first perch on a fly! I’ve caught perch before but these perch are the European version. Not the North American ones called Yellow Perch.

small pike predator fish baby fry attacker stalker ambusher

First pike on a fly! Like with the Perch, I’ve caught Pike before but these ones are the European ones. Same anger management issues like with all Pike.

Of course, to be most successful, you must have some fly-fishing skill and experience. Otherwise, you might become frustrated with the whole aspect of it and give up early. I knew what I was doing but there were still times where I would screw up a long cast. At least, this time around, I didn’t get a lot of bird’s nests like the previous 2 times fishing in England but because of all the casting, my wrist was hurting by the end of the day.

Kirche am Meer church by the lake iglesia por el lago costa lake water church wedding place popular english england countryside

There was this church by the lake and I could see that there was a wedding going there. My guide said that place is a very popular wedding reception building. Generally, every weekend, it’s booked for that special occasion. No places for worshiping the Fishing Gods though.