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Why just return to stop in England to fish? Might as well return to Scotland to fish!

Posted by on September 6, 2018

Again, if I’m going to England to go fishing… then I might as well go up to Scotland to fishing. Last time, I didn’t have any success in remotely hooking an Atlantic Salmon or any fish on the first day but I did, however, catch some sharks there to redeem the trip. This trip was not a revenge trip but rather a redemption trip. Sometimes, you have to go back to successfully catch the targeted fish. It’s not always a first-time-go. It might have been the same thing happening to me in Iceland where I am get these unknown calls to return there to fish it again…. maybe in the future, I might do it. I know that I had to do it several times in Mexico to finally land a yellowtail. But it’s not a goal that I should be pursuing but also enjoying the journey! Sometimes you become better at returning to a place and recognize new things which make all that traveling worth it!

And this time around, the persistence DID NOT paid off.  Unlike the Chinook (King) Salmon and Coho Salmon that I’ve caught on a fly rod in the United States, I was not rewarded with an Atlantic Salmon yet again…. I saw plenty of salmon jumping in the river but they all just gave me the “Finger” and just swam around my fly. I did get two hookups but they did not stick so I’m blanked again.

scottish fishing aye salmon double spey rod fish fishing pesca freshwater water into loch

Back to the river where the Atlantic Salmon have been seen cruising upriver… this cursed river which has brought me only 2 bites but no fights nor lands…. I’m cursed!

The good news however is that saltwater fishing always redeems me. Even though it was rough in the start with the winds and waves while catching some mackerel, my guide took me out to a nearby wreck to try our luck in catching something. And wow, did I catch something!

rough sea fishing wet wild cloudy windy cold storms gusts scotland loch linnhe

The day did not start off great. A lot of winds and white waves…. making it a rough day out on the sea and getting plenty wet.

pollock on deck of boat dog sheep mongrel border terrier

After just catching mackerel and some whiting (type of fish), I finally catch something significant! A Pollock! Of course, the guide’s dog wants to lick it before I can pose with it.

decent size pollock scottish sea waters salt water fishin cloudy day

Before I got a chance to pose with the first fish, another fish hit the hook with mackerel bait HARD. My guide almost lost his rod as it was coming out off the rod holder and I would have never gotten a chance at it! It’s about a 6 pound Pollock! And yes, they can get bigger further up north but in Scotland, that’s a decent sized one!

pollock fish mouth big bite hard quick hit snap line speed predator fish apex

I wanted to show how big these Pollock mouths are compared to a Carp’s smaller mouth. A Pollock’s mouth reminds me of Bass – Smallmouth, Largemouth, and Striped.

double pollock 2 two doble dos zwei Fische angeln Escosse Schottland wasser deux

Now, I can show off both fish! My first and second Pollock.

spurdog mud shark  piked dogfish

I also managed to catch 2 fairly decent-sized Spiny Dogfish aka Spurdog. They fought fairly well and they were hooked in as they really liked that fresh mackerel bait. They both squirmed and resisted handling while on the boat. You really gotta watch out for those spines on their backs – that’s exactly what they’re for – stabbing would-be-predators.

bucket box full of saltwater fish edible yummy good for food dinner tablefare eda essen fisch fische comida pescado para la cena

Overall, I think I caught about 8 Pollock, 2 Spiny dogfish, and a bunch of mackerels and whitings for bait. Not a bad day after a blank of a salmon fly-fishing day. I took 3 Pollock for the dinner table!

I don’t know why but I can’t catch an Atlantic Salmon to save my soul. Only salt water fishing has been productive for me in Scotland. Maybe it’s a sign that I have to return  just like what Iceland did to me…. and get away from all the over-tourism tourists. Some of these cities like London are just wayyyyy too crowded with the tourist crowds. Better to go out into the countryside or onto/in the water. Less people, less space competition, and a much better chance to do some great things like this: fish!

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