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Another side-trip for fishing in the UK – Big Carp!

Posted by on September 4, 2018

So the day started out trying to catch some chub in some of the smaller and lesser-known creeks in England. Some of these creeks can surprisingly produce some big fish and some even have some big surprises aka bigger fish out there lurking in them such as the Pike I caught with a spinning rod. So I went out with a friend to go fish in some of these smaller waterways trying to catch some roach, bream, and chub… and maybe even a Pike like last time.

chub england freshwater fish native easy to catch rural english uk britain fish fishing rod pole

The day started out well especially on an unusually hot day. One creek produced this small chub.

chub cows vacas pez peces pescar en britanica

Another chub! I was in this weird pathway where cows were grazing by the creek waterway.

ducks creek while fishing nature viewing sight seeing

Too bad I didn’t have my shotgun and it was hunting season. I would have gotten more than one!

big chub nice size scales big small waters fishing in town

The biggest chub of the day! Nice fighting for a fish in such limited waters. That’s why I fish! Never know what you’ll get!

After trying a few places for a possible big pike, nothing was there. I guess the Pike went off to deeper waters where it would have been cooler. So off to go catch some big carp! If they will cooperate. Never know with fishing because some days are just damn hard with no bites like in Argentina, or few bites like in Iceland, and other days, it’s just fish after fish after fish in Mexico. But luckily, I got some carp to feast into a fly. And it wasn’t just one but several carp that I managed to land with a lot of guidance and help…. otherwise, I’d never know how to fish these things. And some of them are just walloping heavy bruisers!

fighting reeling in fish lake pond big carp fat heavy gordo grande muy pesado leg muscles

I got hooked into a really big one. Not like the one I caught back in the states….. where it was a small one. You can see my leg muscles are planted firmly for support and you can also see that they are well-defined thanks to my time spent in the gym!

big carp netted la red atrapar pescado pez la peche angeln in England Konigreich water wasser

After about 10+ minutes of fighting a big carp on a fly rod, it’s finally in the net. I needed a big gulp of water on this one because it was also really hot!

goliath fish trophy overgrown oversize goldfish pez de oro muy grande agua dulce pesca con la mosca

Biggest fish caught so far in the UK! 18 pounds of this massive carp. And the scary part is that they can get bigger than this! So while some people might say that this is a trophy – it’s not. For me, it’s a trophy…. so far. Hell, I might not even consider this a fish…. more like a cow!

10+ pound carp scaly fishy smelly

Another “oof” carp. Took awhile to reel it in.

pond water hole fishing trees breeze chill out chillax hot sunny summer day dia del verano en Ingleterra

Another fish-fight session at the pond going for carp again.

fly rod in mouth with carp pose fisherman in uk england american tourist fishing

Another big carp or more like another overgrown, oversized gold fish. That’s what gold fish are – carp!

scaless carp bony fishy pearl white flesh meat unusual

I thought that I would show off this scaleless carp that I caught. Apparently, there is a story behind these fish. A group of monks thought that it would be easier to raise and eat fish that had no scales so they started to breed them. However, they do exist in the wild but in China.

I don’t know why some people are really into this carp fishing as I’ve caught carp before (even though it was a small one), but some of the Europeans are really into it. For them, anything such as a 50+ pound (22+ kilogram) carp is a fisherman’s wet dream. And very hard to come by as carp are reportedly one of the smartest fish out there. So don’t let these overgrown monster goldfish trick you because they can fight pretty well on a good line and to do it on a fly is even more difficult!

And people go to London to partake in the over-tourism going on over there? Really? Why not try your luck at fishing in the UK? I find this far more pleasurable! Live and travel the uncommon route in life!

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