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Scuba diving day 1 in Hurgada, Egypt – Red Sea!

Posted by on September 8, 2018

Talking about doing a break while traveling, I highly recommend one location that most people don’t really think about while they are in Europe. That place is Egypt! Thanks to the wonders of modern technology and improving travel standards, people can easily make that flight from Europe to the Northeast African country of Egypt! Forget about what you hear on the news that it’s a dangerous place and there’s all this terrorism, crimes, bombings, etc etc etc. I never encountered any of that during my time down there. The most dangerous part that I thought was the driving but that is easily solvable as you can hire a driver or get a tourist agency to arrange a ride for you. This is because the traffic especially in the massive city of Cairo can get a little hairy. It’s no different from other major cities such as London or Mexico City.

So instead of going to see all these tourist sites, the first spot that I was going to was the sunny desert beach resort at Hurgada, right on the eastern seaboard of Egypt, bordering the Red Sea. There are just tons of tourists out there staying at these hotel resorts so I assume that most people will do the same. However, I had a different goal in mind – scuba diving!

One of the first things that I noticed was the very sandy bottom. In the midst of the rocks and coral, it’s pretty sandy down there in that Red Sea! It makes sense since that sand might be blown across the Sahara Desert… probably even all the way from Morocco! That explains why the water’s visibility is a little murky at times due to the high concentration of sand debris going into the water.

barcos barcas de buceo bucear buceando de bota bote diving boats of egypt egyptian red sea resorts water

Depending on when you go down to Egypt, there can be a lot of boats or few boats. Take note of the high and low tourist seasons. Also, most of the diving in the Red Sea is very shallow diving: 10-20 meters or less!

sand arena Strand im Wasser en agua red seaish coral life bottom life rocks rocas vida

It’s sandy bottom for the Red Sea. Makes sense since it’s right next to two deserts straddling this body of water.

fish living within coral life habitat ambiente de agua mar rojo

You’ll see quite a bit of fish down there in the Red Sea. So keep your eyes open because you might miss the sea life down there.

pez de leon poisonous fish venom fins spikes

Even lionfish live in the Red Sea. I guess that’s not a surprise considering they are native to the Indian Ocean but a complete nuisance predator in the Caribbean Sea.

rock pile underwater sea saltwater egypt saudia arabia jordan israel sinai resorts

Make sure you check the rocks piles underwater because they might consider some sealife you never thought that they would live in.

escuela de peces pez oceano marino group of schoolfish egyptian fishy fishes

I checked one rock pile and it had a this huge hole that contained a ton of fish in it!

One thing that I have to note is to check the dive operators as some are better than others. Being down there at the Egyptian Red Sea Resort with free meals and drinks available to hotel guests, some of the people are basically just down there to drink, drink, drink, and drink some more alcohol. That’s all they are doing down there. Surprisingly, the dive operators allow these drunks to go scuba diving OR the people just hide the fact that they are drunks. So be on the lookout for that. I happen to be on a dive boat full of Germans, Swiss, and Austrians – all sober, German-speaking people as some of these guys have been diving the Red Sea for many years. So I knew that I was in good hands.

hidden sea life oculto hide away camo

As always, check the rock piles and coral hills for any marine life hidden among them.

sting ray raya de mar marino water desert sandy sea

Not sure what kind of ray that was but you gotta check the crooks and holes to find interesting sealife down there!

school of fish egyptian red sea egypt's water saltwater fish fishes

Even the surface will have fish so always be moving your head and be on the lookout for life!

clam almeja grande bajo de agua shell coral

Huge clam while passing through.

selfie scuba diving diver red sea egypt

Picture evidence that I was there in the Red Sea!

parrot fish coral eater

Saw this parrot fish just cruising alone….

I do recommend scuba diving in Egypt to see what’s underwater in the Red Sea. Unlike some of the places that I’ve gone scuba diving in Europe such as Greece, they Egyptians have quickly figured out that the diving tourism is something that they need to take care of. That’s why they have taken care of the corals and whatever sealife is down there in order to keep the divers returning like those all those German-speaking divers did over the years.

Plus, scuba diving in Egypt is one of those locations that always seems to be on every scuba diver’s wish list – just to say that you’ve gone and did it. Well, I did it and it’s been better scuba diving than any of the dive sites that I’ve been to in Europe with the exception of Silfra, Iceland, and maybe Barcelona, Spain.

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