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Scuba diving day 2 in Hurgada, Egypt – Red Sea

Posted by on September 10, 2018

Sometimes, the second day is always better than the first day as seen with my first and second fishing trips to Scotland have shown. But in diving, it’s more of the fact that if you haven’t gone diving in awhile, then the second day gets you more acclimated to the gear, diving conditions, boat, personnel, and running schedule. In other words, you’re getting that rhythm down so you’re more in-sync and can dive better. That’s what I think. So this second day of diving was awesome. Saw a lot more fish out there than usual and was more comfortable after seeing how the diver operators run the boat and how they dive.

follow seguir buceador en el agua bajo in saltwater diving waters

I was following this diver as he made a gesture to check something out.

escuela de pez big ball of fish pelota de peces

He ended up leading me to this huge school of fish. Like a big ball of meat, you could actually hear underwater, the simultaneous sound of all the fish making a turn underwater. Swoosh!

amarillo jeune gelb farbe fisch pez fish peche

A yellow striped coralfish. Interesting how the light is affected by sunlight and the sand underwater which makes the fish’s yellow stand out.

angel fish pez coral group grupo agua

Again, the yellow stands out in these angelfish. Gotta have that good camera to take good pictures.

crocodilo pez ambusher ambushing fish en la arena bottom dweller

I don’t know what this fish was but it looked like an alligator fish or some kind of predator fish lurking on the bottom to ambush prey.

And I’ve stated before, always be on the lookout above, below, and around you. Because sometimes you see the unusual even if you’ve gone diving many times underwater.

ray raya nadando nada nadar swims along the bottom

Generally, you don’t see rays swimming along unless they get scared off but this one was on a mission.

dig digger fish sand murker clean eat snag

Apparently, the ray saw something in the sand and started to dig in it, possibly looking for some crabs to feast on. It ended up attracting other fish who might be able to snatch a free meal as well.

tuna atun red sea trophy fish swimmer

I didn’t get a good look at this fish but it looked like a tuna! Although I don’t think so because tuna are generally chasing after baitfish and are not bottom feeders.

long fish pez largo

Some kind of long fish. Don’t know what.

moray eel red sea egypt

A Moray Eel – quite common anywhere you go it seems when you go diving.

fish hygene dental gill cleaning parasites gills limpiar limpiando skin rashes

Ever seen the documentaries where there are fish that clean parasites of bigger fish? Yup, they exist! I managed to take this picture of a fish from behind it without spooking their hygienic operation.

ball of fish school peces yellow

In places where there are less people, you’ll see these big balls of fishmeat swimming around.

luces peces yellow orange red green mixed colors stripes dots spots fish

I really liked the view of this place because the lighting was perfect to where I could capture the different colored fish along this tall rock underwater. I liken it to a Christmas rock with all the different colored fish as the lights.

So the Red Sea is a great place especially for Europeans to go to since it’s relatively close, somewhat cheap (cheaper than some places in Europe), and it’s generally sunny most of the time down there. All that makes for a pretty good combination for Europeans who might want to get out of the snow and cold during the winter times. So one recommendation is to check when are the high and low tourist seasons because when I was out there, I could count 20 dive boats moving about in the area. However, one guy told me that he went down there during winter vacation (Christmas, New Year’s) and the Red Sea was just packed with boats and tourists. Not all of them were there for diving but you gotta compete with snorkelers, passenger yachts, luxury yachts, tour groups on boats, etc. Some dive  spots do get overloaded that there are times where people didn’t see any big fish because they got scared off by the large amount of people in the water.

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