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What to buy in Egypt…. I recommend camel meat!

Posted by on September 14, 2018

Being in a country heavily influenced by the Middle East, Egypt has gained quite of a bit of culture, language, and society norms from the Arabs even though Arabs don’t really see Egyptians as being pure Arabs. Nevertheless, there are some things that you can expect from Egypt that you might see somewhere in a Gulf Arab country such as camel meat!

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If you have a tour guide, ask him to take you to a camel meat restaurant. You will not find this on your own so it’s best left to the locals to locate one. So what it did taste like? Tasted like beef but much more chewier. We had three different plates brought out and they all varied in spice/hotness level. This is definitely not for squeamish – stick to soups, salads, and sandwiches like a sheeple tourist.

You can buy whatever in Egypt in terms of souvenirs (pictures, paintings, cups, key-chains, smaller models of the pyramids and sphinx, etc.) as there are tons of them left and right in Egypt, but camel meat is one that you have to try!

One item that’s kind of unique but it can get pricey is the papyrus artwork. Generally, the bigger it is and the more colors it has, the more expensive it is. There are tons of these on the internet as there are so many variants so if you go to a papyrus store or even at the airport store in Egypt, you can find them easily.

Tip: Bring cigarettes from your home country and offer them to the locals. I don’t smoke, but quite a bit of Egyptians do and if you have any foreign cigarettes, they will more than likely accept them as they’re curious about the outside world. What might be another typical day walking by the Pyramids is a complete awe-struck view for foreigners going into Egypt and seeing them for the first time. So a smoke (or cigarettes) can help bridge any gaps such as foods and drinks do as well. This definitely helps if your guide or driver is a tobacco user.

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