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Wadi Rum, Jordan

Posted by on September 16, 2018

Why just stop at Egypt? Jordan is nearby and has a lot of things to do and see as well. So Jordan is the next stop!

So coming out of the airport and after spending the night in a hotel, I was off to Wadi Rum! This place was famous for two reasons. First, the famous T.E. Lawrence of Arabia helped lead the Arab Revolt against the Ottoman Empire during World War I. He was actually a British archaeologist who became commissioned during World War I as an Army Officer in the British Armed Forces and was sent off to Egypt to assist in collecting intelligence on the Ottoman Empire who had joined forces with the Germans and Austrian-Hungarian Empire. He then led an Arab army of complete irregulars in a victory against the Ottomans. Wadi Rum is supposedly where he made his crossing several times to surprise and fight the Turks.

The second reason why Wadi Rum is famous is the amount of movies that have been filmed there. So what better way is there to film the Lawrence of Arabia where he actually did the famous desert crossings? In Wadi Rum! Supposedly, even the King of Jordan, King Hussein, went out to Wadi Rum several times to see how the filming was going and even provided assistance in making the movie. As a result of the movie and later stabilization of the country of Jordan, more movie producers have started utilizing Wadi Rum as a movie scene. One of my more favorite movies, The Martian, was filmed the external scenes as the background for the planet of Mars using Wadi Rum. Of course, there was some computer graphics and special effects included but actual filming did take fact there. Even some of the props such as the Mars Rover in the movie were given to some of the museums in Jordan.

mars planeta marte movie set background desert mountains dry sand arena seca seco Strand Jordan Wadi Rum

It does look like the planet of Mars. It almost makes me so alone in that desert.

jump gravity low none jumping saltar salta salto en aire planeta especial espacio nave navegar desierto Jordanian desert

Because it looked and felt like Mars (with the exception of the heat), I figured that I would jump to see there was any gravity. Yep, still on Earth.

seabed dry sand dry mountains ancient old viejo arena tierra middle east

So my guide explained to me why this region of the world is so sandy and dry – this part of the world used to be an ocean seabed, meaning that it used to be completely underwater. That explains why the ground is not so great for growing crops because there are no nutrients in the soil.

barren rugged Transjordan desert arabia arab arabs islam muslim country

Another barren view of Mars… I mean Wadi Rum. Sometimes even planet Earth can show a glimpse of what other planets would look like.

long distance walking in desert survial sobrevivir sin agua camellos

There goes my 4×4 truck driver. I can’t imagine the long trips on camel back back in the day to travel long distances.

Tip: Bring cigarettes from your home country and share them with the locals. The farther away and more unknown the place is, the more exotic and better it is. If you are able to go to the Bedouin camp, they will offer tea for a price. However, if you offer cigarettes, you might get free cups of tea! I remember speaking with the Bedouins who are quite fascinated with foreign cigarettes (if you have any).

camel artwork obras de arte en roca desierto Kunst Jordanian bedouin ancient

Someone a long time ago scratched this artwork into this rock formation.

camels rest point resting area

A Bedouin camp in the middle of nowhere…. or more like a resting point.

cabeza roca humano human rock formation korp la tete

Many years ago, when the ocean was occupying this area, it more than likely formed this rock into the shape of someone’s head.

lawrence of arabia carving head face

A carving of the great man in history who made this Wadi Rum famous to the world – Lawrence of Arabia.

sandboarding sandboard surfear en la arena surfeando desierto

I didn’t know what my guide was doing but he took out the board and asked me if I wanted to sandboard. Hell yeah!

sandboarding extreme desert heat sun arabian

I did good. Didn’t fall and went at a decent speed but no tricks.

There is one great thing about Jordan is that there are not that many tourists in this country. It’s relatively an unknown to travelers and tourists who generally only go to Jordan to go see Petra. There is a lot more to this country than you expect! And no, I never encountered any issues with terrorism or stuff like that. Even the people have told me that Jordan is quite safe that even kids play late at night. It’s not like their neighbors who for some reason keep appearing on the news.

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