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Dead Sea – it’s salty! So salty, that you can float without any effort!

Posted by on September 18, 2018

If you’re going to be in Jordan, might as well as go see one of Earth’s natural wonders – the Dead Sea. This place has quoted or referred to a lot in the Christian and Jewish religion due to its extreme saltiness that no organism can live in it since it’s 10 times saltier than an ocean! That’s why people can float on the Dead Sea without any effort to tread water.

I had a teacher who spoke about how he went to the Dead Sea and used to float in it easily, without any issues, that he would read a book out on the water for fun. I never believed the stories until later, the photos started showing up. So it became one of those “I won’t believe it until I see it and try it.” So going to Jordan to see the Dead Sea and float on it was a life goal… and I had the will to go achieve it! So I did it!

low point punto bajo de tierra agua saltada Jordan's dead sea israel west bank

Interesting sign telling you information about the Dead Sea. It’s one of the low points that is not in the ocean.

salt sal salz sel поваренная Мертвое моресоль Иордания Jordania Jorden middle east arabs christians jews biblical reference

First step for me into the Dead Sea. If you noticed the white stuff – it’s all salt. It’s that salty that it compiles itself onto the beach.

chill out beach place jordan middle east resort tourist turista lugar sitio para pasajeros extranjeros

I was getting a feeling for the Dead Sea. When I went, it was relatively warm so the water wasn’t cold. Even the tourists around me were all in shorts and t-shirts or even bikinis.

lying on the water dead sea s'allonger sur l'eau dormir en el agua

Once I got comfortable, I started to lay back and just chillax.

vacation in Jordan middle east my fun time beach sunbathing tomar el sol en arabia

Just gotta be careful with the occasional wave. They can actually push you around and splash you in the face to where your sunglasses get ruined due to the extreme salt.

Tip: Try not to taste the water. I had a wave throw some water in my mouth and it was very bitter. Had to buy a coke to use it as mouthwash.

ноги вверх float legs up water recliner bein piernas arriba

Gotta have the legs up! A view of what it looks like when you cannot swim down but the water keeps you upright floating.

dead sea view vista Mar Muerto

Make sure you come during a time that is not high season. You see how there are people on the beach? During high season, you will see 10-20 x more people!

Tip: You can do this trip from Israel since the Dead Sea is shared by Israel, Jordan, and the West Bank. I recommend renting a box to put your stuff in and then going out to the Dead Sea to float for about 20-30 minutes which is a good amount of time to freshen up your skin and let the parasites get choked up to death due to the bitter saltiness.

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