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What to buy in Jordan

Posted by on September 21, 2018

Jordan has the bordering unique Dead Sea which claims has therapeutic, health properties. Whether this is true or not, the Dead Sea does have a higher salt content than regular ocean water does so maybe there is some truth to it. That’s why I recommend buying some Dead Sea products as they are a “one of a kind” type product out there. There is only one Dead Sea on Earth. Even the Great Salt Lake cannot compare in salinity levels. And supposedly, people have been going to the Dead Sea for centuries because of the supposedly healing powers that it has. It’s even referenced in the Bible about this so there might be some truth to it unless science does its thing and squashes that rumor.

dead sea products productos de mar muerto dead sea salt mud

There are all kinds of Dead Sea products for makeup, health, etc.

Another product that caught my eyeball attention was Jordanian coffee. Huh, that’s unique as well since I’m not sure if Jordan actually grows any coffee beans but still, worth buying to give to friends and family. They probably import the coffee beans and process them the way that they want to.

jordan coffee Kaffee cafe bebida de Jordania arabia arabian drink grounds

Coffee from Jordan. Ain’t that interesting? Might as well buy some.

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