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Return to Mexico – Fishing in La Paz during high fishing season

Posted by on October 6, 2018

I couldn’t believe it but I was able to reserve my spot for fishing on a panga down in La Paz, Mexico with Tailhunter International. However, this time was different as it was during high season (September-October), the best time to go fishing down there! For years, I’ve been trying to get a fishing trip booked during high season but I could only manage the summer times which are good for mostly Dorado, However, I wanted my chance to go after Yellowfin Tuna because the only place that I’ve caught Tuna was in Costa Rica. High season is the granddaddy of them all in La Paz because it produces the best fishing opportunities out there. Imagine Yellowtail, Dorado, Marlin/Sailfish, Tuna, and all other warm water fish species converging on one location: La Paz! The fish there are not like the trout that I caught in England or saltwater fish like Pollock in Scotland… no. The fish in Mexico are absolute feisty fighting monsters compared to European fish… unless you consider the shark I caught in Spain… that was a nasty one. But comparing the numbers of big fish that I’ve caught in my life, Mexico has consistently produced the most. On every fishing trip to La Paz, I’ve caught at least one 20+ pound fish. I cannot say the same with other places. That’s what makes La Paz so special.

I did 3 days of fishing out there and man, I was beat afterwards. I actually told the boat captain to end it early on the first day because the combination of the sun, heat, being tired (from waking up early), and fighting 10-30+ pound tunas and dorados can tire you out.

dorado bull la paz sea of cortez mar baja california mexican pesca

I caught two dorados back to back to start off the first day of fishing in La Paz.

catching landing tuna atrapar pescar sostener obtener pez atun amarilla aleta yellowfin hard fighting red blooded fish

Catching those 2 dorados was just the beginning as I ended up catching 5 tunas for the day (and I even ended it early for the first time in my life). The boat captain was cutting an artery so they don’t whack around in the boat so much and cause a broken bone or so.

tuna panga boat trolling troll blue seas water sunny day hot

First Tuna of the day!

yellowfin tuna heavy hard fish to catch migatory pez migatorio

Now I can finally pose with my first Mexican Yellowfin Tuna. 3rd one of my life since the first two were caught in Costa Rica.

Fighting tuna rod bend bending heavy line

You can see the rod bending as I’m fighting to bring in a tuna.

second tuna segundo another fish

My second tuna of the day!

mahi mahi dolphinfish brillantly colored baja waters blunt head jumping

On the second day, I went to the Las Arenas side but it was a lot slower. Only catching 2 Dorado and some Cabrillas (seabass).

tuna pargo reef fish barred colored baja water saltwater fishing

The third day of fishing produced some great fish as well with some of the fish being thrown back. Here in this picture are two tunas flanking the two Pargos with a triggerfish right on top. Triggerfish is great for ceviche by the way.

mexican pizza sashimi tuna seasoned raw fish sushi

Looks like a pizza but it’s actually a plate of sashimi, yellowfin tuna!

different style of cooking tuna

This was yellowfin tuna in salsa verde with some cheese over it.

It’s been a great year of fishing so far in 2018! And I have much more to go before this year ends so I’m looking forward to more and more fish being caught! This fishing trip has been a great one. The euphoric feeling of accomplishment completely eclipses that of my favorite football team, FC Barcelona, winning trophies like the Champions League trophy. Well…. maybe….


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