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Posted by on October 19, 2018

The German city of Hanover was yet again another target of bombing runs and artillery shelling during World War II that it also suffered extensive damage. Due to its key strategic position of being in a north-south and west-east transportation corridor junction, the Allies had no choice to destroy it in order to prevent the German military from using it for themselves in their defense during World War II. Like most German cities that suffered the explosions and booms, the city doesn’t have much to show for except for its football team! Like a lot of other cities, the people live, win, lose, suffer, and are loyal to their local club despite the team only having a few trophies with the majority of them before the year 2000.

The local big club is Hanover Sportverein (HSV – note that this might confuse other people with the other HSV in Germany: Hamburger SV) or also known as Hanover 96 with the number 96 meaning the year that the club was founded in 1896. However, for me, every time I see that big 96 symbol and the team colors, I always think of Quaker State Oil due to the similarity of both brand logos.

Niedersachsenstadion hdi arena hanover 96 hsv fussball futbol football soccer lower saxony club sportvverein

Hanover 96 plays in Niedersachsenstadion or HDI-Arena. The stadium has to be one of the weirdest designed stadiums I’ve ever been to and I actually had to ask someone how to get to my seat.

hannover game spiel fussball football soccer game ccold field

The team’s fans were pretty into it as they were passionate like all other Bundesliga teams have their fan clubs cheering them on. You can always tell which team is Hanover by their neon green uniforms.

mayor office building hanover lower saxonry german government Regierung

As I walking out of the stadium after the game was over, I walked by the Hanover Neues Rathaus which is where the mayor and his/her staff work out of.

If you are not there for the football game, I’m not sure what else you can do there in Hanover.